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Mohamed A. Diagne, Oakes Ames Associate Professor of Physics

Oakes Ames Associate Professor of Physics

Joined Connecticut College: 2009

On sabbatical 2014-2015 academic year

B.A., Connecticut College
M.S.E.E., Ph.D., Brown University

• Free-space optical communication • Semiconductor device physics with emphasis on lasers and detectors • Plasmonic structures for gas and liquid sensing • Bio-imagers for optogenetic applications

A 1997 alumnus, Mohamed Diagne returned  to Connecticut College in 2009. He teaches General Physics labs (sections 1 and 3), Concepts in Contemporary Physics, Classical Mechanics and Formalism of the Quantum Theory (required for deeper understanding and further studies in contemporary physics.)

A recent article by Professor Diagne is "Integrated Array of 2µm Antimonide-based Single-Photon Counting Devices," M. A. Diagne, M. Greszik, M. J. Manfra, R. J. Bailey, J. J. Zayhowski, J. P. Donnelly, E. K. Duerr, G. W. Turner, 2010, submitted to Optics Express.

He received a 2009-2012 National Science Foundation grant for collaborative research: "Active Plasmonics for Mid-Infrared Sensing."

He recently delivered a lecture, "Geiger-mode APD arrays at 2-micron," at the Photonics workshop at MIT Lincoln Laboratory.

Other recent activities of Professor Diagne include:

  • Organizing the Connecticut College Department of Physics lectures: With Michel Devoret, Yale University (2009), and "The Physics of Information"; with Dr Charles Wynn, MIT Lincoln Laboratory (2009), "Laser-based Remote Detection of Trace Explosives."
  • Review of articles, “High-speed photo detectors for FSOC applications” and “Polarization-dependent surface emitting lasers,” for the American Physical Society (APS)
  • Review of 12 proposals for the National Science Foundation Participation in an admission recruiting visit to DeWitt-Clinton School in New York City as part of the NSF-STEM program.
  • Organized two seminars for the Physics department and coordinated student gatherings As chair of the Society of Physics Students chapter at Connecticut College, organized a ceremony to induct two students into the chapter.

Professor Diagne is a member of the following scholarly societies: MRS (Materials Research Society) member, 2005-Present LEOS (Lasers and Electro-Optics Society), 2001-Present IEEE (Institute of Electrical Electronics Engineers) member, 1999-Present OSA (Optical Society of America) member, 1998-Present National Physics Honor Society Sigma Pi Sigma, 1997- Present SPIE, 1997-Present.

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