Nina Papathanasopoulou

Visiting Assistant Professor of Classics

Joined Connecticut College: 2013

B.A., National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
M.A., Ph.D., Columbia University


Greek drama and performance

Classical mythology and its reception

Greek art and architecture

Greek and Latin poetry

Nina Papathanasopoulou, a native Greek, studied classics in Athens and New York. She completed her Ph.D. in Greek Drama at Columbia University, where she served as chorus director and choreographer of Greek drama productions performed in ancient Greek. Her current research explores the treatment of space in three Aristophanic comedies along with the historical and political significance of the plays’ staging.

Together with Greek drama, Nina is also interested in classical mythology and its reception. For her next project she is hoping to explore interpretations of Greek myths through modern dance and Martha Graham’s choreography.

Nina teaches Latin, Greek, Ancient Drama (Tragedy and Comedy) and Classical Mythology courses.

In Fall 2014 she’ll be teaching Elementary Latin (LAT 101); an intermediate/advanced Greek class on Plato with selections from dialogues on the value of literature, the importance of love, and the presence of the divine (GRK 221 and GRK 321); and a Classical Mythology course with readings primarily from Homer, Hesiod, Greek tragedy, Vergil and Ovid (CLA 104).

In February 2014 she gave a talk on "Discussion Strategies in an Undergraduate Classroom" as part of a pedagogical colloquium at Columbia University, while in May 2014 she presented a paper on "The Importance of the Oikos in Aristophanes’ Acharnians" at Yale University.

Nina also enjoys serving as the Classics Department's events coordinator, organizing Classics-related events on campus and in the surrounding area, such as lectures, talks, trips to ancient drama performances and to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, movie screenings, trivia games, and Latin tables.

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Majoring in Classics.

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