Qiang Ning

Qiang Ning, Chu-Niblack Associate Professor of Art History and Curator of the Chu-Griffis Asian Art Collection

Chu-Niblack Associate Professor in Asian Art and Curator of the Chu-Griffis Asian Art Collection
Joined Connecticut College: 2005


B.A. Sichuan University; M.A., Ph.D., Harvard University

Asian art history
Contemporary Chinese art
Gender in Chinese art and society
Silk Road archaeology
Art Market/ARt Collection

Contact Qiang Ning: qning@conncoll.edu

Qiang Ning, a specialist in Chinese art and religion, was appointed in 2005 to a new professorship. His focus is on the field of Asian Art with particular emphasis on classical and modern Chinese art and to curate the College´s Chu-Griffis Collection of Asian Art.

Ning was previously an assistant professor of art at the University of Michigan. His scholarly interests include the issues of art, religion, politics, and gender in Chinese art and society.

The Chu-Griffis Collection, located in the The Charles Chu Asian Art Reading Room in Shain Library, is a collection of Asian art and calligraphy that was begun in 1985 by Charles Chu, professor emeritus of Chinese and founding curator of the collection, and Hughes Griffis, a New London attorney. The collection includes Chinese paintings from the 15th to the 20th centuries and Japanese prints, with emphasis on landscapes and depictions of birds, flowers and animals.

Conferences, lectures, presentations:

  • The 4th International Conference on Tibetan Art and Religion, Beijing Normal University, Beijing, October 15-17, 2011
  • Delivered a lecture, “Patronage and Image-making in 10th Century Dunhuang: A Social and Political Interpretation” at Department of Religious Studies, Stanford University, April 6, 2012
  • Directed a workshop on “Miraculous Images in Buddhist Art” at the Center for Buddhist Studies, Stanford University, April 7, 2012

His most recent book is an examination of the interaction of art, religion, and politics in the historical context of medieval China. He received the Chia Jsin Outstanding Book Award and The 7th National Book Award for his books Dunhuang Buddhist Art: An Art Historical Approach and History of Dunhuang Studies in China respectively. Professor Ning has also published many articles and given many lectures on the topic of Asian art. His latest works include a book titled Art, Religion, and Politics in Medieval China: The Dunhuang Cave of the Zhai Family (2004) and two articles for “Oriental Art” and “Ars Orientalis” in 2005.

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