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Veteran Certification

The Registrar’s Office is responsible for processing Veteran Student Enrollment Certifications each semester after the drop/add period has ended. It is the responsibility of students eligible for veterans benefits to contact the Certification Coordinator in the Registrar’s Office to request enrollment certification or to report a change in enrollment.

Please note that the Certification Coordinator at Connecticut College is not an employee of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and cannot answer questions regarding eligibility of benefits. If you have questions regarding benefits, please contact a Veterans Administration Education Benefits Counselor at 888-GI-BILL.

To request enrollment certification or to report an enrollment change (for example, a change in major or number of credits enrolled, or the intent to Study Away or be on a Leave of Absence the following semester), please email Beth Rezendes,, Associate Registrar for Operations.

Yellow Ribbon Program

If a student is eligible for this Post 9-11 benefit, Connecticut College will contribute $12,000 towards tuition and fees for two eligible undergraduates.  The VA will contribute up to $18,078.  The eligible applicant must complete the Request for Participation in the Yellow Ribbon Program available in the Financial Aid forms and publications section.

Consumer Information Disclosures

A variety of useful information about the college, its resources and its practices are available in the College's consumer information.

Financial Aid (federal, state and institutional grants, federal loans and federal student employment)

Financial aid at Connecticut College is based on need.   Please reference the Applying for Financial Aid section for application instructions and deadline dates.

Once your application is complete, an aid award will be made available to you.  The aid award will contain the following information:  

  • Cost 
  • Family contribution
  • Fund eligibility

Reference the Understanding Your Financial Aid 2014-4015 brochure‌ for specific information on the types of funds that are awarded (including federal loans) and a sample aid award and payment illustration.

Loan Repayment

A student’s award might include the following loan programs and the amount the student is eligible to receive for that applicable year:

  • Federal Direct Subsidized Student Loan
  • Federal Direct Unsubsidized Student Loan  Federal Perkins Loan

The student must accept, modify or decline the loan(s) offered. When determining whether to accept, modify or decline the loan offer, the following points should be considered:

  • What is your prior loan balance?

Your loan history is available from the self-service section of CamelWeb and also from this website:


Should you need to withdraw during the semester, a portion of your unearned federal, state and institutional aid might have to be refunded back to their source i.e. the federal or state government or the college.  Please review the college’s refund policy as outlined in the course catalog.

Contact Information for Applicants and Students:


Phone: 860-439-2058
Fax: 860-439-5357


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