Accounting policies

Congratulations! You have just received that elusive grant or fellowship. Now it's time to get to work. But before you set off for some exciting research locale or finalize living arrangements for your visiting faculty, you should contact someone at our office and spread a little cheer among our staff. We are delighted to hear about it when a member of the faculty is successful in the search for funding.

Also, if the grant or fellowship is institutional in nature, that is, the check is written out to Connecticut College, the Office of Corporate, Foundation and Government Relations initiates the quick process of documenting the award through Gift Accounting (Becker House) and working with Accounting (Fanning) to open an account for your use. It is important to keep us posted of important responsibilities associated with the grant, such as reporting deadlines, so that we may provide any assistance you need. Often, payments on grants are not made until reports are filed.

Post-award procedures for institutional, faculty and research grants

1. Bring the award letter, including postmarked envelope and check, to Becker House. We will make copies of these documents for you and begin the accounting process so that your account can be set up and you can begin drawing on it.

2. Update our office throughout the period of the award with any information that may affect the College's future relationship with the funder (e.g. reporting deadlines, spending consistent with budget in original proposal, copies of your grant reports, information on significant phone conversations with funder, fellowships or awards received, etc.)

3. Please share the news of your success with our staff so we have an accurate idea of the types of funding that come into the college, and so that we can congratulate you! We pass on news of awards to the Development Communications office, which generates a press release.

4. Applicants to and awardees of the National Science Foundation are expected to use FastLane, the NSF electronic submission system. All applications, reports, and requests for extensions, etc., must be made through FastLane, and must be submitted by the Sponsored Research Office. For help using FastLane, please contact Naima Gherbi,