The judicial process at Connecticut College approaches Honor Code violations from an educational perspective. The Honor Code encourages personal responsibility and accountability mindful of an individual's impact on the community. The sanctioning process provides an opportunity for students to reflect on their choices, the consequences of those actions, and make amends to the community.

Grounded in the Honor Code and the College's emphasis on shared governance, elected student representatives formally adjudicate alleged violations of the Connecticut College Honor Code and Student Code of Conduct. The Honor Council is advised by the Associate Dean of Student Life, Sarah Cardwell, and is a member of the Connecticut College Student Government Association.

Members of the campus community may access the Honor Code Incident form on CamelWeb (the College's intranet) to document or respond to an alleged infraction(s) of the Honor Code or other college policy.

The 2014-2015 Honor Council Representatives

Savannah Berger, Chair of Honor Council

Class of 2015 Representatives

Ripley Shiarella, Hannah Beazley, Noam Waksman, Josie Bingler

Class of 2016 Representatives

Ariana Taylor, Matt Luciani, Abigail Kulewicz

Class of 2017 Representatives

Rob Jones, Ramzi Kaiss, Molly Tuohy, Tyler Wood

Class of 2018 Representatives

Patrick Farrell, Marta Martinez Fernandez, Aiden Court, Ethan Hecker

Faculty Consultants to the Honor Council
Kathy McKeon, Professor of Mathmatics
Tristan Borer, Professor of Government

Judicial Process Ombudspersons (JPOs)

JPOs are available to any member of the Connecticut College community involved in a disciplinary adjudication process. The JPO has no involvement in the adjudication of any cases, serves as an impartial and confidential information source and can answer questions about any of the judicial processes from the standpoint of the complainant or the respondent. The JPO can also assist faculty members, staff, and students who wish to better understand the various processes. The positions of Judicial Process Ombudspersons will be filled at the beginning of the fall semester.

Contact the Honor Council at

Resources for students: Copyright resources; the Student Handbook, found in CamelWeb. (Login required)

Resource for faculty: Honor Code FAQ for Faculty (pdf in CamelWeb. Login required.)