Honorary Chair

Pamela D. Zilly ’75, Chair of the Board of Trustees


Pamela Dumas Serfes, Acting Vice President for College Relations


Prescott Hafner ’80, Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees
Laurie Norton Moffat ’78
Maria Pellegrini ’69


Stephen Loomis, Tempel Professor of Biology and Chair of the Faculty Steering and Conference Committee (FSCC)
Ronald Flores, Associate Professor of Sociology
Abigail Van Slyck, Dayton Professor of Art History and Associate Dean of the Faculty


Evert Fowle '14, President, Student Government Association
Erica Lovett '14, Student Representing Presidential Search Committee


Victor Arcelus, Dean of Student Life
Merrill Collins, Director of Conferences and Events
Carolyn Denard, Dean of the College and Senior Diversity Officer
Debbie Devona, Night Circulation Supervisor, Custodial Services Manager, and Staff Council Secretary
Claire Gadrow, Acting Vice President for College Advancement
W. Lee Hisle, Vice President for Information Services and College Librarian
Josh Jensen, Director of Marketing Communications
Deborah MacDonnell, Director of Public Relations
Wendy Mahon, Executive Assistant to the President
Rebecca McCue, Associate Director, Holleran Center for Community Action and Public Policy
Bridget McShane, Director of Alumni Relations
Robert A. Richter, Director of Arts Programming and Acting Chair of the Dance Department
Bonnie Wells, Secretary of the College