Organization and Staffing for Information Services


Vice President for Information Services and Librarian of the College (W. Lee Hisle)
Administrative Assistant to Senior Administrator (Diane Bullock)
Financial Assistant (Brenda Gresh)
Special Projects Coordinator (Fred Folmer)
Chief Information Security Officer (tbd)

IS Organization Chart (printable version)
Instructional Technology Team Research Support and Instruction Team Information Resources Team Enterprise and Technical Systems Team Special Collections and Archives
(Chris Penniman
(Carrie Kent)
(Beth Hansen)
Assistant Vice President of Enterprise and Technical Systems
(Jean Dailey)

(Ben Panciera)
  Research and Instruction Librarians Electronic Access/ Serials Office Manager (Jeanne Pasqualini)  

Digitial Scholarship & Curriculum Center

Digital Media Specialist
(Michael Dreimiller)

Digital Scholarship & Visual Resources Librarian
(Lyndsay Bratton)

Media Services and Campus Television Network

Senior Technician
(David Baratko)
Media Technician
(Jeff Gada)
Weekend Technician
(Shawn McCluskey)

Academic Labs &

Computer Lab Coordinator
(Newell Seal)

Instructional Project Development

Instructional Designer/Developer
(Diane Creede)
Instructional Designer/Developer
(Laura Little)
Instructional Design Librarian
(Jessica McCullough)

Ashley Hanson
Kathy Gehring
Andrew Lopez
Linda Alexander
Pam Williams
Madhu Gupta
Channon Goodrich

Research and Instruction Librarian/Special Projects Coordinator
(Fred Folmer)


Access Services Librarian
(James Gelarden)
Reserve Supervisor
(Carol Strang)
Evening/Weekend Circulation Supervisor
(Stacy Foster)
Evening/Weekend Circ. Supervisor
(Debbie Devona)

Weekend Circ. Supervisor
(Paula Orbe)

InterLibrary Loan/ CTW Circulation

Interlibrary Loan Supervisor
(Emily Aylward)
CTW/ILL Assistant
(Elizabeth [Lisa] Dowhan

(Melodie Hamilton)
Serials Assistant
(Paula Orbe)

Bibliographic Info Mgmt/ Aquisitions

Technical Services/Systems Lbn
(Joseph Frawley)
Acquisitions Supervisor
(Lorraine McKinney)
Technical Services Supervisor
(Lori Looney)

Greer Music Library

Music Librarian
(Carolyn Johnson)
Assistant in Music Library
(June Ingram)

CTW Libr. for Collaborative Collection Projects
(Lorraine Huddy)

Application Integration Systems
Director of Enterprise Application Integration
(Karen Arremony)
(Jason Gray)
(Mary Vona)
(Pauline Zimmer)
(Rosemary Reid)

Database & Server Administration
Database & Server Administrator
(Ted Viadella)
Database Administrator
(Linda Theodoru)
Internet Services

Director of Internet Services
(Laurie Schaeffer)
(David Fontaine)
Sr. Web Developer
(Andrew Tillinghast)
Sr. Web Developer
(Tom Palazzo)
Web Programmer
(Mike Matovic)

Computer Support Services

(Ruth Seeley
Senior Computer Technician
(Beto Zuniga)
Computer Lab & Desktop Support Technician
(Art Potter)
Computer Technician
(Christopher Eyberse)
Senior Computer & Network Technician
(Gary Tiller)

IT Service Desk
IT Service Desk Manager
(Heather Romanski) 
IT Service Desk Analyst
(Pat Pero)

Networks, Servers, Telecom

Director of Network Systems and Security 
(John Schaeffer)
Systems and Security Administrator
Network Security & Server Administrator
(Steven Mailloux)
Systems Administrator
(Bill Constantakos) Systems Administrator
(Kevin Northcutt)
Telephone Contractor
(Adrian Donohue)
Switchboard Supervisor
(Judy Schofield)

Librarian for Special Collections and Archives
(Rebecca Parmer)
Part time employees denoted by italics.