Upcoming Exhibitions in the Shain Library

Shain Library Exhibit Area:

21st Editions: The Art of the Book, 1998-2016

January 15-March 24

From 1998 to 2016 21st Editions published some of the finest contemporary photography in deluxe bound volumes that were eagerly acquired by libraries and museums. Beginning in 2017, the publisher will direct its efforts to appealing to individual collectors. While we are sorry to see this change, we have been proud to be among the foremost collectors of 21st Editions imprints. We will be displaying eleven volumes of stunning photography showcasing the skill and range of this important publisher.


Broad Visions: Connecticut College and the Development of the Liberal Arts

March 30-June 6, 2017

Connecticut College has historically had a unique perspective on a liberal arts education. From Frederick Sykes’s vision of an education that would fit out graduates to do “useful work in the world” to Rosemary Park’s classical conception of a core body of knowledge to the College’s groundbreaking new interdisciplinary Connections program, the liberal arts has meant different things in different eras. This exhibition will trace the development of a century of the liberal arts at Connecticut College.


Lear Center Exhibition Area:

Supermodels at the End of Time: New Photographs by Miles Ladin

January 15-June 6, 2017

Miles Ladin ’90 has made a career of slyly humorous photography of the New York fashion world. This limited edition collection of photographs features candid shots of supermodels paired with quotes from Brett East Ellis’s novel Glamorama. Some of these photographs were previously exhibited in the Cummings Art Center galleries in 2015 before the book’s publication.


Charles Chu Asian Art Reading Room:

 Art in Exile: Chinese Artists in America, 1949-2000

April 24-June 15, 2017

War, revolution, and political turmoil drove many Chinese artists to the United States in the second half of the 20th century, including Connecticut College’s own Charles Chu. This exhibition looks at the work of  those artists who transplanted tradition styles in a new land, often influenced by Western materials and techniques. This exhibition is occasioned by the donation of two works by Wang Chi-Yuan (1893-1975) to the Chu-Griffis Collection by Jane Hooper Percy ’69. 

We are in discussion with two Chinese artists to host their work in separate exhibitions this winter.