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Cambridge Companions Online

 Brings together subject-based collections of Cambridge titles, covers literature, philosophy, religion, classics, cultural studies, and music. Trial runs through April 30th.

Cambridge Edition of the Works of Ben Jonson

Presents Jonson’s complete writings for readers of the twenty-first century, in the light of current editorial thinking and recent scholarly interpretation and discovery.  Trial runs through April 30th.

Cambridge Histories Online

This unique historical reference compendium allows instant access to the renowned texts of the Cambridge Histories series.  Trial runs through April 30th.

Harvard University Press eBooks

Founded in 1913, Harvard University Press is a leading publisher of academic titles of the highest quality in the sciences, humanities, and social sciences. Trial access is available until April 28th.


Offers an introduction to Euromonitor International's industry and country research with reports for 80 countries and daily articles and opinions from industry and country experts. Coverage is global with an equal depth of research for every country.

VAST: Academic Video Online

VAST is designed to bring the highest-quality video content to the broadest range of subject areas. Whether you need early 20th century newsreels for your history department, contemporaneous field recordings of previously undocumented cultures for anthropology coursework, or demonstrations of treatment and rehabilitation strategies for traumatic brain injury in the health sciences, you’ll find high-quality and relevant content quickly and easily.