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Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service at Connecticut College borrows or obtains copies of library materials not found in our own collection but which are needed by the college's patrons. ILL service is available to registered Connecticut College Students and to current Faculty and Staff. The service tries to make available books that are not owned by the libraries of Connecticut College, Trinity College and Wesleyan University (CTW). Requests for books owned by Trinity or Wesleyan may be placed directly via the CTW Catalog.

ILL strives to obtain as many items as possible free of charge to our patrons. However, not all items can be obtained without extra costs. If the library that carries the item charges an ILL transaction fee, we need to have the patron's agreement to pay for that fee. Patrons will be notified of any fees before a request is placed so they can decide if they still want the item. Unfortunately, the ILL office cannot absorb the extra cost of charges levied by supplying libraries. The patron will be responsible in paying the fee regardless of the arrival date of the item.

We treat all submissions as priority requests. However, during busy times of the semester, we cannot process all requests submitted by one patron in a given day. Items (both books and journal articles) may take as long as two weeks to arrive and we cannot guarantee an arrival date even if a charge is to be paid. Please plan accordingly. Delays in ordering may arise from poor citations. Please make sure all the information you provide is accurate and complete. If you place several requests at the same time, you should contact the ILL office at 439-2667, or come into the office and prioritize your requests. On average, it will take 3-10 working days for normal requests to be processed.

BOOKS borrowed through ILL

When a book arrives, the ILL Office will notify the patron. The item will be held in the ILL office where it can be picked up within seven days after notification. Returns should be brought to the ILL office, if the office is closed, books may be handed to the person working at the Circulation Desk. ILL books should never be put in book drops.

Loan restrictions may apply to some borrowed items. For example, a lending library may supply a book only with the agreement that it be used in the Shain Library. Books can be recalled by the supplying library at any time. If a book is not returned after a recall or an overdue notice, a charge that includes fines and replacement cost is sent by the ILL office to the patron. If the lending library levies a higher fine or replacement costs than the ILL Office, the balance of the charges will be passed on to the patron. All patrons are subject to the fines and fees imposed by lending libraries.

The service of ILL is based on the generosity and trust between cooperating libraries. The proper treatment and prompt return of the loaned item affect our borrowing privileges from other institutions. Tardiness in returning items, losing books, and poor handling of loaned materials will jeopardize our privileges to borrow from libraries for any current and future Connecticut College patron. Please use all borrowed items with care and respect.

During the summer, books will be ordered

  • for current students who live on campus (must provide extension),
  • for faculty and staff who will be in the area to retrieve the item (please return all books before leaving for vacation).

To request a book, log on to the ILL System.

JOURNAL ARTICLES supplied through ILL

To expedite orders for copies of journal articles, please provide all of the information requested on the ILL Journal Article Request Form. Delays in ordering the item by the ILL office or delays in processing by supplying libraries can arise from the lack of volume number, page numbers, article title, etc. Providing your source of information can be of help to the ILL staff if the citation is inaccurate and needs to be checked. If you need help interpreting citations from various indices and databases, please ask a reference librarian.

According to copyright restrictions, institutions reserve the right to refuse copying orders. Please read the copyright notice on the ILL journal article request form before submitting your requests.

To request an article, log on to the ILL System.

There are commercial suppliers of journal articles that offer the delivery of articles to individual customers for a fee. There are always cost associated with the services provided by these companies but they can tailor services to your specific needs. Commercial suppliers can receive requests directly from you by various methods. Usually the companies can supply the articles (if they own the journal) within 48-72 hours by fax or they can mail the article to you.

By using commercial suppliers directly, you are bypassing the Interlibrary Loan Office and its services. The ILL Office will not assume any responsibilities for any transactions. You are assuming all financial obligations and any questions or problems should be resolved directly with the companies. Although the ILL Office occasionally uses commercial suppliers to fill requests, this office is not endorsing any particular company.

British Library Document Supply Centre holds more than 236,000 journal titles

Canadian Institute for Scientific and Technical Information holds more than 50,000 journal titles

Chemical Abstracts Service

UMI Infostore holds more than 12,5000 journal titles for applied sciences, biology, medicine and social sciences

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