Interlibrary Loan (ILL) FAQ

Where is the ILL office located?

The ILL office is to the left of the Circulation desk in Ernst Common Room, in Blaustein Humanities Center.


When is the ILL office open?

The ILL office is open from 8:30-4:00 Monday-Friday.


How do I contact the ILL office?

You can contact the ILL office by stopping by our office in Ernest Common Room, emailing or calling x2667, or emailing or calling x2680.


Where do I pick up and return my ILL material?

You can pick up and return your ILL loans in the ILL office, located in Ernst Common Room in Blaustein Humanities Center.  It’s to the left of the Circulation desk, and all of the loans to be picked up are arranged alphabetically by our patrons’ last names. Picking up and returning are not confined to ILL office hours, but can happen whenever the library is open. For library hours, click here:


What’s the difference between ILL and CTW?

ILL requests can be for articles or books, dvds, cds, videos, microfilm, etc., are placed on your Illiad account, and could be filled by any library. ILL materials are picked up in the ILL office, delivered to your Illiad account, or delivered to your email. To place an ILL request, click here:


CTW requests are only for books, dvds, cds, etc., are placed through the CTW catalog, and are confined to Wesleyan University and Trinity College libraries. CTW requests are picked up at the Circulation desk. To place a CTW request, click here:


How long does a CTW take to arrive?

A CTW request should not take more than two days to arrive; you will receive an email when it is ready for pick up at the Circulation desk. If it does take more than two days to arrive, please contact the ILL office so we can look into it.


How long does it take for an ILL to arrive?

From the time you place the request, it takes approximately nine days for an ILL loan to arrive and two days for an article request. If you need your material sooner than that, please make a note on the ILL request or contact the ILL office to expedite your request. You will receive an email when your materials are ready for pick up or have been delivered to your account.


How long can I keep a book for?

Due dates for ILL loans vary, but are always printed on the slip on the front of the loaned material.


Can I renew an ILL?

Usually, yes. A renewal is automatically requested for any loans still checked out one week before their due date. If the supplying library grants a renewal, you will receive an email with the new due date. This is the final due date.


I’ve forgotten my username and/or password. What do I do?

Stop by or contact the ILL office to change your password.


I need the book past the due date or renewal date. What do I do?

Contact the ILL office. They can try to obtain another copy of the material for you, and when the new copy arrives you can return the copy you have now.






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