Work at Home Rights for Microsoft Products
(to be used on personally owned computers)

Who is Eligible:

  • Emeritus / Emerita Retirees of Connecticut College. Other retirees are not eligible.
  • Faculty and Staff. Must be a current employee of Connecticut College

Who is Not Eligible:

  • Students
  • Temporary Employees
  • Visiting Scholars
  • Visiting Instructors / Professors
  • Independent Contractors
  • Outside Paid Consultants

As an eligible employee of Connecticut College, you may install selected Microsoft products on a single personally-owned computer for college-related business. This software includes versions of Windows as well as Office suite. Due to restrictions from Microsoft we cannot provide copies of this software to install at home.

How to Get Microsoft Software:

  1. Employees can arrange to bring their personally owned computer to the Desktop Support office in the Hamilton Basement or the Service Desk in the Shain Library.
  2. Employees will need to schedule an appointment because staff must be available to provide the software. Email Ruth Seeley ( to schedule an appointment.
  3. Employees must install the software themselves.
  4. At the scheduled appointment, a Desktop Support staff member will provide the user a disk or drive to install the software.
  5. The Desktop Support staff member will provide general instructions but not install the software.
  6. This installation is free of charge however the employee does not get to keep any of the CD's or setup files.
  7. The software must be removed when employment at Connecticut College ends.

The use of this software is governed by Microsoft and the employee must accept all usage and copyright laws.

This software is for a single computer that the employee uses at home for work purposes. This software is not to be installed on other family member's computers.