Operating System Updates

Before you upgrade to the latest operating system, it is highly recommended that you back up your data and install all pending updates. 

College issued machines

Please do not upgrade your College issued machine until Information Services has announced that it has tested and approved the update(s). Upgrading may cause incompatability with software running on the computer and may prevent you from accessing the network (wireless and VPN issues have occurred with recent updated operating systems).

Information for faculty

When you call the IT Service Desk your call will either be resolved during the phone call or logged for the appropriate technician. We use software called Heat to log calls. Your user name, extension, building, room number and problem description will be recorded. This information is then passed on to the technician that will be handling your call. The technician will respond to the call based on the priority level.

See Service Level Agreement

Why is it important to call the IT Service Desk rather than the technician directly?

We understand that you might know the technicians. It is extremely important, however, for you to call the IT Service Desk directly.

a. This allows us to log, track and report issues properly.
b. All calls must be entered into the database. The technicians have to enter information for all of the calls that they receive and this takes valuable time away from repairs.
c. The nature of the technician´s job is to be out in offices around campus. Your direct call to the technician might not be received in a timely manner.
d. Sickness, family emergencies, vacations, training and conferences happen. The IT Service Desk is able to assign calls according to which technician is on campus.

Information for students

When you call the IT Service Desk (x4357) your call will either be resolved during the phone call or logged for the appropriate technician (network and cable problems) OR work with you to make an appointment to bring your computer in for service.  Connecticut College is not an authorized repair facility for any computer manufacturer.  If your computer is under warranty you may have to contact the manufacturer to get warranty repair work done.   The IT Service Desk can, however, assist you with the initial diagnosis.

The availability of appointments is on a first come, first serve basis. Appointments are typically available within 48 hours, except during the beginning of each semester when appointments may not be available for up to 96 hours, unless the college is experiencing a catastrophic network failure or virus.