I already have a personal Gmail account. Can I still use it?
Of course you can still use your personal Gmail account. The Connecticut College Gmail account is a different account. It is actually part of Google Apps for Education;

Is my address a Gmail address or a Connecticut College address?
Do I have to change my email address or notify others that there has been a change?
Your email address remains the same @conncoll.edu address that it has been. There is no change needed and you do not need to notify others about this change.

What happens to my old emails when my account is migrated to Gmail?
You will not lose emails you have stored on your account. Any mail that is stored on the server now will be automatically synched to your Gmail account.

How do I configure my mobile phone to work with Gmail?
The mobile phone instructions are on the IT Service Desk website.

Where can I find additional help and information?

The Google Help Center is a great resource for all questions and is updated often.

How do I check my email using the web?
Can I check my email when abroad?
Yes, log in at mail.conncoll.edu.

How do I print an email using the Gmail web interface (mail.conncoll.edu)?
When you are in the email address you want to print, click on the Down Arrow next to the Reply button on the right hand side of the message. Print is an option.

Can I recover a message I’ve deleted?
You can move your message back to its original location from the Trash folder as long as you do it within 30 days of deleting the message. If it has been longer than 30 days, you will not be able to recover it. Do not use your Trash folder as mail storage.

What are the limitations on file sizes for my Google email account?
With Gmail you can send and receive messages up to 25 MB in size, including attachments. Keep in mind some other email services will not allow their users to receive emails that large even if you can send it.

What is a Thread? What is a Converstation?
Gmail displays messages and related replies into threads called “conversations.” This means if you send a message to your mom and she replies, you'll receive her message, and your original message will be displayed in the same thread. If she replies again, the same conversation will become bold in your inbox to highlight the update in the conversation. In other words, you won't see two separate places to click in your inbox. All these messages will be kept in one place.

How can I find out the status of Gmail and Google Apps?
From http://www.google.com/appsstatus#hl=en:

How do I set permissions in the Gmail web interface?
From http://mail.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=138350:

You can share your account by delegating access to your Gmail account to someone else in your organization so they can read, send, and delete messages on your behalf. For example, you can delegate email rights to an admin, or you can set up a small group mailbox. The delegate can also access the other person's contacts by clicking the Contacts link. Clicking the To, Cc, or Bcc links in the mail compose window will also bring up the manager's contacts.

You won't be able to give anyone permission to change your account password or settings, or chat on your behalf. Also, you can specify up to 10 users. Here's how:

  1. Click the Settings link, and select the Accounts tab.
  2. Under 'Grant access to your account,' click the Add another account link.
  3. Enter the email address of the person you'd like to access your account and click Next Step.
  4. You'll see a confirmation message. Click Grant Access if you're sure.

Any messages someone else sends from your account will have your name listed in addition to the other person's name, so they'll show the sender as: Your Name (sent by Delegate).

If someone has granted access to their account to you, you can access it by clicking the down-arrow next to your email address in the upper-left corner. Select your delegate's email address from the drop-down menu.

How do I go directly to the next message after deleting a message in the Gmail web interface?
There are a number of keyboard shortcuts you can use. You will need to turn Keyboard shortcuts on by clicking on Settings and selecting Keyboard shortcuts on. Once they are turned on you can the shortcuts listed here.

The shortcut key to get to the next message is “j”.

What is Postini? How do I use it?
Postini is a mail filtering system, owned by Google, that is used to filter emails for spam before reaching an inbox. Connecticut College uses Postini for spam filtering to allow end users more flexibility in managing their own messages. You will receive an email each evening that contains a list of all of the emails that Postini has quarantined as spam. If any of the messages are legitimate email you can choose to have them delivered to your inbox by clicking on the Deliver button.

Who do I call if I have questions or need technical support?
The IT Service Desk should be able to help you. If the student can’t answer your question, your call will be logged for a staff technician. The IT Service Desk extension is 4357 (HELP) and the email address is help@conncoll.edu.

How do I use Working Offline?

You must use Firefox (not Safari). Open Settings, click on Offline tab and turn on "Enable Offline Mail for this computer"

How do I delete and rename Labels?

Select "Manage Labels" from Labels button, use remove link to delete, click on Label name to edit.

How do I make a Distribution list?

Open contacts and select new group to create a new Distribution list. To add users to the distribution list search for their name under contacts and select the person you want to add to the distribution list. Click groups, and then add them to the distribution list.
How can I turn Email preview off?

Go to settings -> general -> Turn “Snippets” off.

Is there a preview page like in Apple mail?

No, but you can use settings -> Labs -> Turn on “Message Sneak Peek” for a right-click full preview

How can I selecting multiple emails?

Click on check box, not message Subject (which deselects previous selection even if you hold Shift or Command)

What is Quarantined Email?

Click on Deliver link in nightly email to send to Inbox, or click on "Message Center" link in email if you want to why is was quarantined (click on "Block Reason next to message) or if you want to Whitelist sender. Click on "My Settings" in upper right to change your Junk Filter level (Junk Settings->Manage Junk Filter - default is Strict) or if you want to add senders or domains that you want to always block.

How to move messages from Spam folder to Inbox?

Check the checkbox for the email you wish to move to the inbox. Then click the “Not Spam” button. Once you press this button it will automatically be moved to your inbox.

What is Google Notifier?

Provides new email alerts, upcoming calendar events, and can be set as the Target App for web mailto: links which it will pass on to Google Mail's "Compose Message"

How do I make my signature appear before my message?

You can enable a lab function that will allow this. Click on settings -> Labs and then enable “Signature Tweaks”

How do I search a specific field?

Click “Show Search Options” next to the search button to search by a specific field.

Can I change the order of the columns in my inbox?

No, not at this time.

How can I change the amount of email I see in my inbox at a time?

Yes, the default is 50 messages at a time. You can change it to the max which is 10 by going to settings, and under the general tab there will be an option to change to 100.

Can I move the new messages to the bottom of my inbox list?

No you cannot move new messages to the bottom of your inbox list because it would move the new messages off the first page.

How can I change the refresh rate for my inbox?

Mail appears in your inbox as soon as it arrives. If you want a notification when you receive an email you can use the Google Notifier to post a notification when the webpage isn’t open.

Is there a Connecticut College theme for the Google Email window?

No, and there doesn't appear to be a way for CC to add one.
Is there a Cat or Dog theme?


Is there a limit on attachment size or number of people on distribution?

No, there isn’t a limit on attachment size or number of people in a distribution list that we know of.