All students, faculty and staff have Google Apps for Education accounts which provide access to the following Google applications:

  • Google Mail - This is essentially GMail, but without the advertising. It is a full-featured email client with built-in instant messaging, voice and video chat, tasks, mobile access, and spam and virus protection.
  • Google Calendar - You can share your calendar with others, manage multiple calendars, do room and resource scheduling, and access your calendars on mobile devices.
  • Google Docs - This is an online suite of office productivity applications, featuring word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations. Google Docs lets you collaborate with others on the same documents in real time. Documents are saved online so you’ll always have access, no matter what computer you’re using. It also acts as a file sharing tool, allowing you to upload any type of file up to share with others, or just store securely (1 gigabyte upload limit per account of upload documents that are not converted to Google Doc format). It can read and save files in Microsoft Office formats. It can also do optical character recogniztion on PDF files and some graphic file formats, and it can translate documents into many different languages.
  • Google Sites - This is a web-based collaboration environment (a wiki) featuring simple but powerful website creation and sharing tools, easy enough for anyone to learn and use.
  • Google Groups - This allows for archiving and management of mailing lists, and provides services for communication and collaboration with Group members.

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