The Digitally Enhanced Learning Initiative (DELI) is a program to provide classes with technologies to enhance the students' learning. Students in participating classes have been provided with such technologies as iPods, iPads, digital cameras, pocket video cameras and digital camcorders. Faculty wishing to participate in the program submit a proposal describing how the use of a particular technology in a course would support the students' learning. Depending on the technology and its use in the class, each student or group of students will receive a technology kit, to be used as part of the course.

DELI-enhanced courses include:

  • Intensive Intermediate Chinese (CHI 201-202) - Students in this course are issued iPads pre-loaded with apps related to Chinese-language learning. Apps include dictionaries, audio phrasebooks and news channels as well as Skritter, an app focused on Chinese character-learning that takes advantage of the iPad's touch screen to allow students to practice character writing.
  • Ornithology (BIO 204) - Students in this course are issued iPods pre-loaded with field guides for bird identification. The iPod's compact size allows students to easily bring it along on weekly field trips and the app-based field guides expand on the material available in a traditional paper-based field guide with audio recordings of bird calls and larger collections of images.
  • Student Teaching in the Elementary School (EDU 445) - Students in this course are issued digital video camera kits that include tripods and external microphones, allowing the students to record themselves out in the field as part of their student-teaching experiences. Students are able to use the recordings to review and critique their teaching.

The call for proposals is sent to all faculty in June for fall semester and in October for spring semester. A program description and proposal guidelines are available in the DELI Call for Participation.

For additional information or to submit a proposal, contact Chris Penniman.