Online Job Search Resources

*Resources that require a password: Make sure you log into e-portfolio and go to the passwords sheet under "Job/Internship Search"

CELS Favorites

CELS Favorites

The source for professional opportunities and career information in all areas of the arts, including: visual arts, arts nonprofits, performing arts, commercial art and design firms, film, public arts agencies, academic arts positions, galleries, internships, fellowships, conferences, commissions and more.

*Art Search
Performing arts jobs and internships.

A great career exploration site that allows you to research employers, gather salary information and obtain contact information.

*Career Insider Vault
Career Insider Vault offers reviews and rankings of top employers, graduate schools and internship programs; descriptions of industries and positions; job and internship listings; full guide books from several industries (NOTE: must log-in through ePorfolio).

Career Search by Field
Links to specific websites within each career field. Internship & job postings on most of the sites.

CELS Newsletter
The CELS newsletter is a weekly publication that highlights CELS-related news including on-campus events and interviews, full-time jobs and internships, and graduate school happenings. The publication is distributed by email every Monday during the academic year to all classes and can be found in the ePortfolio index (Job/Internship Search).

*Current Jobs for Graduates
Current job listings for the liberal arts graduate in various employment fields.

This database is for Connecticut College students and alumni. CamelLink is accessible through CamelWeb. (Login required)

Glassdoor holds a growing database of company reviews, interview descriptions and salary reports.

Great for students who are exploring the non-profit sector.

International Job Search Resources
Links to sites that are specific for international searches.
Resource for internship openings by category, location and company.

Job Search Resources for International Students
Site includes databases of employers in ALL employment fields that will sponsor international students.

Job Shadow
Read interview transcripts from different career professionals to gain clarity on day-to-day job responsibilities.

*Opportunities in Public Affairs
Opportunities in Public Affairs is an excellent source of public affairs job openings in the Washington, DC area.

*Spotlight on Careers
Provides career and field specific information, jobs and internships, professional associations and more.


Federal Jobs Website
Extensive information on federal career options and how to apply.

My Next Move
Website set up by the federal goverment to take an interactive look at where you might want to go, what you might want to do and how you get there with your career.

Occupational Outlook Handbook
Maintained by the U. S. Department of Labor, it tells you the training and education needed, expected earnings and job prospects, job descriptions and working conditions for hundreds of different types of jobs.

State & Regional Job Search
Search links which are specific to a given geographic area.


Careers and the Disabled
National Organization on Disability
NBDC - National Business & Disability Council at The Viscardi Center


Black Collegian
Brass Ring Diversity Career Fairs
Diversity Inc.
Diversity Jobs


Resources for LGBTQ Job-Seekers
Resources for Special Populations from UPENN


My Next Move Resource for Veterans


Job Board for Women