Looking forward: Life after Connecticut College

1 Year After Graduation Infographic. 65% are employed. 7% are in grad school. 24% are employed and in grad school. 4% other.An education from Connecticut College prepares you for more than just a successful career. A degree from this liberal arts institution will ensure you're well-prepared for life and all that it brings.

We'll help you hone the critical thinking skills that will enable you to approach every
situation with clarity and apply your wide range of experiences to problem-solving. You'll
be invaluable in any profession you choose and well-prepared for the best professional and graduate schools

This approach gets results. One year after graduation, 96 percent of Connecticut College alumni report that they are employed or in graduate school. Five years out of college, 97 percent are employed or in graduate school.

5 Years After College InfographicConnecting careers and the liberal arts

By definition, a liberal arts education entails intellectual exploration across subject areas. A Connecticut College education combines that study with a four-year career and professional development program to help you determine which of those subjects will form the foundation of your future.

The majority of our graduates work in management and business, education, nonprofit and advocacy, and marketing and communications. We also have many successful alumni working and studying in the fields of health and science, technology and computers, law and government, and psychology and counseling. Among the most popular graduate programs attended by recent alumni are those at Yale, Harvard, Columbia, New York University, Tufts and Boston University.

More than a century after our founding, Connecticut College continues to provide a life-changing liberal arts education that will prepare you for a life of meaning and success in work.