The occupancy limits listed below are based on the assumption that the room contains tables, chairs or other obstructions. The maximum occupancy limit may be higher depending upon the room configuration. If the room is configured without furniture or other obstructions, contact the Director of Environmental Health & Safety at ext. 2252 to to determine the maximum number of occupants.

NOTE: Connecticut State Law requires that an announcement be made regarding evacuation procedures and the location of exits at the start of all events with more than 50 attendees. It is the responsibility of the individual in charge of the event to ensure that occupancy limits are adhered to, and that the following fire safety announcement is made at the beginning of the event.

"Connecticut State Fire Code requires that we point out the location of all emergency exits. The exits in this room are located (point out exits). In the event of an emergency, please leave the building in an orderly manner through the nearest exit."

Residential Assemblies

Occupancy Limit

191 Mohegan Avenue

     Per Apartment 10*
2/4 Winchester Road
     Per Apartment 25*
Abbey House
     Living/Dining Room 49
Jane Addams House
     Dining Room 49
     Living Room 49
Blackstone House
     Living Room  
Katherine Blunt House
     Coffee Grounds 80
     Living Room 49
Branford House
     Living Room  
Burdick House
     Living Room 49
Earth House (358 Mohegan Ave)
     Living Room 49
Freeman House
     Dining Room 49
     Living Room 49
Hamilton House
     Living Room  
Mary Harkness House
     Meeting Room 78
     Living Room 49
Knowlton House
     Dining Room 49
     Living Room 49
Lambdin House
     Living Room  
Larrabee House
     Living Room  
Lazarus House
     Living Room  
Johnson House
     Living Room  
Morrison House
     Living Room  
Park House
     Living Room  
Plant House
     Living Room  
River Ridge Appartments 
     Per Appartment 25*
Smith House
     Dining Room 88
     Living Room 49
Windham House
     Living Room 49
Wright House
     Living Room  
* Occupancy limited due to building structural concerns.  


Non-Residential Assemblies

Occupancy Limit   

Blaustein Humanities Center
     Ernst Common Room 100
     Hood Dining Room 74
College Center at Crozier-Williams
     1941 Room (Rm 207) 133
     1962 Room (Rm 108 376
     Alice Johnson Room (Rm 209) 49
     Dance Lab (Rm 205) 49
     2nd Floor Dance Studio (Rm 206)  
     Martha Meyers Dance Studio (Rm 301 - Partition Open) 362
     Martha Meyers Dance Studio (Rm 301 - Partition Closed) 205
     Cro's Nest 128
     Faculty/Staff Dining Room & Bar 80
Cummings Art Center
     Fortune Recital Hall   
     John C. Evans Hall 360**
     Oliva Hall 210**
Harkness Chapel
     Main Sanctuary 410
     Choir Loft 30
     Basement Library  
Harris Refectory
     Main Dining Hall (Includes Harris, Main Street and the 1973 Room) 1,000
     Main Street East (Ann Johnson Room) 49
     Main Street West 49
     1973 Room 112
Hillel House
     Great Room 87
     Conference Room 22
     Basement Recreation Room 116
Hilyer Hall
     Tansill Theater 201
     Main Room 35
Palmer Auditorium
     Frank Loomis Auditorium 1291**
     Room 202 49
Unity House
     PepsiCo Room  
Vinal Cottage
    1st Floor Conference Room 34
          **Fixed Seating.