IMMEDIATELY notify the Director of Environmental Health and Safety at ext. 860-439-2252 of all oil and chemical spills, regardless of quantity.

After hours, call Campus Safety at ext. 860-439-2222.

The Director of EH&S will determine what spills can be cleaned up by College employees using the following criteria:

  • The physical and health hazards of the spilled material are known
  • Employee(s) have the training or expertise necessary to proceed safely
  • The necessary spill response supplies and equipment are available
  • The necessary safety/personal protective equipment are available

If the answer to one or more of these questions is no, the area will be evacuated, and assistance from the New London Fire Department and/or a Spill Response Contractor will be requested.

See specific spill response procedures for asbestos, hazardous chemicals, mercury and oil and petroleum products.