All Seasons Horticultural Spray Oil ConcentrateBonide Products, Inc.
Bio-Neem Insecticidal SoapBonide Products, Inc
Cide-Kick II Spray AdjuvantBrewer International
Crossbow HerbicideHelena Chemical Co.
Diesel FuelHess Corp
Garden Safe Snail & Slug BaitSchultz
Garlon 3A HerbicideDow Chemical
Garlon 4 HerbicideDow Agro Sciences, LLC
Gasoline, (All Grades)Hess Corp.
Kool Ray Ultra Liquid ShadeContinental Products Co.
Lesco ProsecutorLesco, Inc.
Lesco Tracker Spray Indicator DyeLesco, Inc.
Tree Guard Deer RepellentBecker Underwood (Previously manufactured by Nortech Forest Technologies)
Ortho Brush B GonOrtho Group
Osmocote Smart Release Plant FoodScott's-Sierra Horticultural Products
Round-Up Poison Ivy and Tough Brush Killer PlusMonsanto
Rodeo HerbicideMonsanto
Safer Insecticidal Soap ConcentrateSafer
Stern's MiracidStern's Miracle Grow Products
Stinger HerbicideDow Agro Sciences, LLC
WD-40WD-40 Co.
MSDS Archive
Aluminum SulfateVarious
Amitrol TVarous
Belt Dressing & Conditioner 120DAPermatex Industrial Corporation
Captan 50% WP, OrthocideChevron
Cutter Insect RepellentMiles, Inc
Damoil Dormant & Summer Spray OilDrexel
Deep Woods OffJohnson Wax, Inc.
Engine Oil, 2 CycleStihl
Fast Orange Hand CleanerLoctite
Fluid Film Non-Aerosol (NAS)Eureka Chemical Company
Goo GoneMagic American Corp.
Gunk Thrust Starting FluidRadiator Specialty Company
Knuckle Under Orange HD Hand CleanerBetco Corp.
Krenite S Brush ControlDuPont
Linseed OilE.E. Zimmerman Co.
Liquid K-L-NDyna-Grow Corp.
Lithium GreaseLubrimatic Stant Corp.
Malathion 50% (Representative MSDS)Various
Miracle-GroScott-Sierra Co.
#1 Gold Cutting FluidLPS Laboratories, Inc.
Organic Greenhouse and Houseplant SprayBonide Products, Inc.
Orange Solve III Citrus CleanerNortheast Link
Ortho Multi-Purpose Fungicide (Daconil 2787)Monsanto
Ortho Orthene Systemic Insect ControlMonsanto
Peter's Professional Soluble Plant Food 20-20-20Scott-Sierra Co.
RepelWisconsin Pharmacal Co.
Sevin LiquidDragon Chemical Corp.
Tempo 2 Ornamental InsecticideMiles Inc.
TerraclorUniroyal Chemicals

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