Theater Department

222 MS Threadlocker Loctite Corporations
222 Spackling Paste UGL
3-in-one Household Oil Boyle-Midway Inc.
Acetone ACE
Acetone EZ Varnish Makers and Paint
Acrylic Polyurethane Benjamin Moore
Air Compressor Oil Campbell Hausfeld
Air Tool Oil Campbell Hausfeld
All Purpose Spray Adhesive Krylon
Americah Accents Spray Paint Rust-Oleum
America's Finest Fast Dry All-purpose sp[ray paint Rust-Oleum
Ammonia Analabs Inc.
Appliance Epoxy Rust-Oleum
Bar & Chain Oil Amalie
Base Enamel Rust-Oleum
BBQ & Stove spray paint Krylon
Body Filler Bondo
Brasso Metal Polish Reckitt Benckiser
Chain Wax Maxima
Chalkboard Slating Kleen-Strip
Cleaner Spray King
Clear Wood Preservative Cuprirol
Color Spray NuLife
Color Touch Spray Enamel United Coatings, Inc.
Colorine ROSCO
Colour Tool Design Master
Contact Cement DAP Weldwood
Cooking Fuel Sterno
Deep Base Latex Paint Behr
Delta Cream Coat Acrylic Paint Delta Technical Coatings
Dust Mop Treatment Pro Link
Dust Mop/Dust Cloth Treatment Spartan Chemical Company
Enamel WH Kemp
Envi-Ro-Tech Blue Shower Tech Spray Inc.
EuroColor Water Based Wood Stain G90 Behr
Evercrete Evercrete Corp.
Fantastik Lemon Power SC Johnson
Fast Dry Spray Paint Color Place/ WalMart
Fast Drying Gloss Polyurethane Minwax
Faux Solution Design Master
Fiberglass Resin Bondo
Fix Wood Patch Darworth Company
Flame Barrier WHS Sales Inc
Flamex P50 fire Retardant Paint Additive ROSCO
Flat Protective Enamel Rust-Oleum
Flk Art Acrylic Color Plaid Enterprises
Flourescent Colours Sign Painter's
Flourescent Spray Paint Rust-Oleum
Fondue Fuel Sterno
Frosted Glass Rust-Oleum
Glass Cleaner ZEP Commercial
Gloss Protective Enamel Rust-Oleum
H2O Latex Krylon
Hammered finish Rust-Oleum
Heavy duty All-purpose Spray Adhesive Spray Rite
Heavy duty Drive Saw Lubricant Skil
Heavy duty Silicone Spray Lubricant Radiator Specialty Company
High Gloss Metal & Wood Enamel Benjamin Moore
High Heat Spray Paint Rust-Oleum
Hi-strength Spray Adhesive 3M
HomeDecor Satin Design Master
Hornet Jet Bomb Shoo-fly
Industrial Silicone Spray Krylon
Industrial Spray Paint Sprayon
Insulating Foam Sealant DOW
Interior Latex Flat Finish Benjamin Moore
Interior Water Based Polyurethane Aqua ZAR
Interior/Exterior Paint Krylon
Interior/Exterior Paint X-O Rust
Lava Heavy-duty Hand Cleaner WD-40 Company
Lemon Oil Old English
Lemon Spray Wax Polish Standardized Sanitation Company
Light Thread Cutting Oil Relton
Lighter Fluid Zippo
Liquid Wrench Radiator Specialty Company
Living Color Latex Enamel Krylon
Low Luster Metal & Wood Enamel Benjamin Moore
Lucite DuPont
Luminoso Behr
Luron Lotion Soap The Dial Corp.
Marvel Mystery Oil Top Cylinder Lubrication Marvel Oil
Matte Finish Krylon
Metalic Finish Spray Paint Rust-Oleum
Metallics Spray Paint Plasti-Kote
Mildew & Mold Stain Remover ZEP Commercial
Mr. Zip Extra Fine Graphite A.G.S.
Multi purpose Glue Elmer's
Naptha EZ Varnish Makers and Paint
Naval Jelly Rust Dissolver Loctite Corporations
Orange-Solve Citrus Cleanter Northeast
Original Never-Dull Wadding Polish Eagle One Industries
Oven & Grill Cleaner ZEP Commercial
Paint for Plastic Rust-Oleum
Paint Marker Markal
Painter's Acrylic latex Caulk DAP
Painter's touch Gloss Paint Rust-Oleum
Painter's touch Multi-purpose Paint Rust-Oleum
Painter's Touch Satin Krylon
Performance Floor Cleanser ROSCO
Plastic Resin Glue WeldWood DAP
Polyacrylic Protective Finish Minwax
Polymer Coating Envirotek Lite
Polyurethane Clear Liquid Plastic Coating Petri
Polyurethane Clear Satin Minwax
Polyurethane Finish Benwood
Polyurethane Liquid Plastic Carver Trupp
Polyurethane Protection Minwax
Porch and Floor Paint Behr
Premium Wood Polish Spartan Chemical Company
Primer Sealer B.I.N.
Pro Beam Long Lasting Fog Le Maitre
Pro Smoke Super JEM
Professional Haze Fantasy FX
Professional Primer Rust-Oleum
Propane Fuel Weller
Protective Coating Rust-Oleum
Protective Enamel Rust-Oleum
Quick Color Spray Paint, Flat BlackRust-Oleum Corp.
Rapid Tap Cutting Fuild Relton
Regal Pearl Finish Benjamin Moore
Regal Premium Interior Latex Paint Benjamin Moore
Removable Dulling Spray Krylon
Sandable PrimerRust-Oleum Corp.
Sanding Liquid Imperial Wil-Bond
Scoth Guard Cleaner 3M
Scratch Cover Old English
Sented Lamp Oil Country Peddler
Shellac Zinsser
Shoe Color Spray Magix
Skid Tex Gamma Labs
Snuff-it Spray-on Flame Retardant Production Advantage
Solvent Cement Carlon
Spray Glitter Flora Craft
Spray Grease Apollo Industries, Inc
Spray King Arrow Plastic
Static Guard Alberto Culver Company
Steriphene II Disinfectant Deodorant Spartan Chemical Company
Stripper Kleen-Strip
Super Hide Latex Flat Benjamin Moore
Super Multipurpose Adhesive 77 3M
Super Primer Plasti-Kote
Super Weatherstrip Adhesive Phenoseal
Superior Lubricant w/ Teflon Tri-flow
SuperPaint Interior Flat Latex Wall Paint Sherwin Williams
Synthetic Fabrics Flame Reterdant Turning Star
Ultra Glow Candle & Lamp Oil Wicks n' Sticks
Viscous Chassis Grease Amalie
Water Base Neutron Haze Fluid Le Maitre
Water Based Wood Stain Minwax
Water Clean up Polyurethane Durable Satin Finish Anita's
Weather Proof Aluminum Paint Benjamin Moore
White Lithium Grease Snap
Windex Glass Cleaner w/ ammonia D SC Johnson
Wood Filler Elmer's
Wood Finish Minwax
Wood Stain Cabot
Workable Fixatif Krylon
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