The Center for Campus Fire Safety, a non-profit organization devoted to reducing the loss of life from fire at colleges and universities in the United States, has compiled the following fire fatality statistics:

From January 2000 to present, there have been 89 fatal fires that occurred on college campuses, in Greek housing or in off-campus housing within 3 miles of the campus – claiming a total of 126 victims:

  • 6 fires have occurred in off-campus housing, claiming 107 victims.
  • 7 fires have occurred in on-campus building or residence halls, claiming 9 victims.
  • 6 fires have occurred in Greek housing, claiming 10 victims. 

Of the 89 fires documented:

  • 14 were intentionally set claiming 22 victims.
  • 38 were accidental – includes cooking, candles, smoking or electrical claiming 51 victims.
  • 37 of the fires the cause was never determined, or was not available. These fires claimed 53 victims.

The information found on this page is intended to assist all members of the campus community, especially student occupants of our residential houses, in preventing a fire related tragedy.

Students living in residential buildings at Connecticut College are required to adhere to the policies laid out in the "Dormitory Fire Safety Rules/Fire Extinguisher Procedures Handout".

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