Q: How do I publicize my on-campus event?

Because of shrinking budgets and reporting staff at local newspapers and TV stations, it is increasingly difficult to get reporters to preview or attend campus events. The Office of Communications will notify local media about any event that you designate as "public" on the online calendar. With sufficient advance notice, this will usually ensure that your event appears in The Day's calendar section and on other event calendars in the region.

Securing additional media coverage will depend on whether the media perceive your event as unique or unusual. The only sure way to get something in the paper is to buy an ad. However, we may be able to interest media in your event if it is the first of its kind or part of a larger trend; integrally involves students; or has a "human interest" connection or local angle. To discuss possible newspaper or television coverage of your event, contact Pamela Dumas Serfes, pdserfes@conncoll.edu

Visit the "Promoting Your On-Campus Event" section for the eight steps suggested by the Office of Communications.

Q: Where can I find the College's logo and seal?

The Office of Communications is responsible for ensuring the quality and consistency of College communications. We maintain a system of graphic standards that visually unify the College's communications. These standards include the College's official color and typeface and use of the College seal.

To review the graphic standards or download the seal, wordmark or athletic camel, please go to http://graphics.conncoll.edu.

Please note that use of the College seal is limited strictly to official College business. It cannot be altered in any way, nor should it be combined with other graphic elements. The Office of Communications should be consulted in advance of developing a departmental or program logo.

For more information about graphic standards, logos or permitted uses of the College seal, contact Senior Designer Ben Parent or email bparent@conncoll.edu.

Q: What do I do if the media calls?

As faculty and staff, your willingness to work with the media can enhance the reputation of the College and of your work. Members of the media may ask you to comment on current trends or issues or serve as a source. If a reporter calls you, please contact Pamela Dumas Serfes, pdserfes@conncoll.edu, who will help you prepare for the interview. Remember, it is important to respond to reporters in a timely manner. If you are unable to return a media call, or would prefer not to, please refer the reporter to Deb.

Q: Will the Office of Communications photograph my event?

The College does not have a staff photographer. We photograph campus events if we have a planned use for the photos in a specific institutional publication, with priority given to Admission and Advancement communications. However, we welcome your high-resolution digital photographs for use in Source or in other electronic and print publications. Please send them to source@conncoll.edu.

Q: How do I get information published in Source?

Source, the monthly campus newsletter, covers news about the College, faculty and staff. We publish information about upcoming events and news that affects faculty and staff members. We welcome your submissions of information and photos. Please send your news, including awards, books published, conferences attended, grants received and other achievements to source@conncoll.edu.

Q: Can the Office of Communictions help me create my publication?

The Office of Communications is responsible for ensuring the quality and consistency of College communications. We maintain a system of graphic standards and visual identity guidelines that visually unify the College's communications at graphics.conncoll.edu.

For advice and guidance on producing your own department publications, such as event fliers and programs, please contact Pamela Dumas Serfes at pdserfes@conncoll.edu or x2500.

You can make your own posters using one of four templates we have created and posted. We have also created a template for PowerPoint presentations.

Q: How do I publicize my new book?

Send review copies of new books and publicity materials to the Office of Communications in Becker House for inclusion in CC: Connecticut College Magazine. Please email ccmag@conncoll.edu or contact Deb MacDonnell at dmacdonn@conncoll.edu or x2504.

Q: How do I suggest a story for the alumni magazine?

The Office of Communications writes, edits and designs the quarterly CC: Connecticut College Magazine for a readership of about 26,000 alumni, parents, faculty, trustees, donors and other friends of the College. Stories cover a wide range of subjects of interest to the College community, including new initiatives at the College and achievements by faculty, students and alumni. We also feature some scholarly papers, lectures and artwork. Please email ccmag@conncoll.edu to share your story ideas.

Q: How do I update my faculty profile or department/office website?

The Office of Communications is responsible for keeping Web content updated. Requests for Web projects or updates begin with the Web Help Desk form found at 9.  From the dropdown "Request Type," select "Web Requests" then "conncoll.edu website." A third dropdown menu will appear.  

For faculty, if you wish to learn how to maintain your own faculty profile, please follow the above instructions and select "T4 Web Content Management Access." You will be contacted and provided with basic training either individually or in a class setting. 

For staff or faculty who wish to learn the College's content management system, t4, and maintain their department or office website, please follow the above instructions and select "T4 Web Content Management Access." You will be contacted and provided with basic training either individually or in a class setting.