Employee Discounts

Connecticut College contracts for certain commodities and services on a college-wide basis with particular suppliers for the best quality, service and price. Many of these vendors extend their discounted pricing to faculty, staff and students. 

The vendors should be contacted directly. Be sure to identify yourself as being affiliated with Connecticut College and remind them that this is for personal use, not official business of the College. This will ensure that they do not invoice the College by mistake. You will also be responsible for paying sales tax, where applicable, where the College would be exempt.

Airport Parking Bradley, International Executive Valet Parking; Contact: Steve Lepow www.executivevalet.com/reservations/mhec. Telephone: 800-218-1297. MHEC*

Airport Parking Providence, Post Road,  Airport Valet,  www.airportvalet.com 401-737-8185 Ext. 100. MHEC*

Airport Parking Providence,  Thrifty Airport Parking,  www.thriftyparking.com,  401-732-2000 Ext. 335. MHEC*

Awards/Plaques/Trophies,  Prize Possessions, Contact: Bill Benoit,  billb@prizepossessions.com.  MHEC*

Promotional Items/Pens, Lanyards, etc., Razz-m-Tazz, Contact: Lisa,  lisa@razz-m-tazz.com 978-874-0502 Ext. 10. MHEC*

Mobile Phones (conncoll.edu email required) 

For Verizon, contact www.verizonwireless.com/discount 

For AT&T, contact https://www.wireless.att.com/business/authenticate/?_requestid=235890 

For Sprint, contact Jen Mac Donald at Jennifer.macdonald@sprint.com

Enterprise Car Rental, Employees can use the College's discounted pricing to rent a car, pick-up truck or minivan for personal use. Contact Purchasing, purchasing@conncoll.edu, 860-439-5328, for details.  

Bose Acoustics Corp. Discounts available on Wave Music Systems, Noise Cancelling Headphones, SoundLink Mini and more. Call 1-800-905-1521 for special MHEC pricing. MHEC*

W. B. Mason (conncoll.edu email required) Employees can use the College's discounted pricing for personal purchases using a credit card and delivered next day to your College address (no home delivery.) Contact Lorella Flood with your name, building name for delivery, College phone number and College e-mail address. Lorella will email you log-in information. Lorella can be reached at lorella.flood@wbmason.com

Wyndham Hotel Group Receive up to 20% off the best rate available at participating locations every time you travel. Visit http://www.wyndhamhotelgroup.com for hotel chain information and contact Purchasing at purchasing@conncoll.edu for details.

*You should identify your relationship to the college and may need to remind these vendors that Connecticut College is a member of the MHEC (Masschusetts Higher Ed Consortium) and that you'd like that discounted pricing.


Contact Information:

Connecticut College
Fanning Hall
270 Mohegan Avenue
New London, CT 06320-4196
Phone: 860-439-5328
Fax: 860-439-2095