The Connecticut College Women’s Center’s mission is to educate, advocate, and create an environment where gender issues are discussed critically. As a community, we recognize the role of intersectionality in feminism today, and strive to represent the diverse and evolving needs of women. By engaging the community through programs, we are helping to influence and challenge the conversations around the role of feminism, gender, and sexuality in contemporary society.

We manifest our mission by:

  • Creating a space that is bias-free and a safe for discussing critical issues related to gender equity.
  • Hiring a staff that is sensitive and knowledgeable about the many issues we seek to address.
  • Developing programs that raise awareness about gender equity, celebrate the accomplishments of women and gender equity advocates, and empower students across multiple identities to engage in dialogue.
  • Provide an alcohol-free space for student programs and activities.
  • Collaborating with various student organizations, offices, and academic departments on common interests.

Our Location

Our warm and welcoming space is located in the Smith/Burdick basement, right below the Smith dining hall.

Our Events

The Women’s Center sponsors and collaborates with other student organizations, offices, and departments, on various programs addressing gender issues throughout the academic year. Our signature annual event is our academic symposium during which we bring speakers to raise awareness about a different topic each year. For more information and to get on our mailing list please email