Students share their Now Hiring! experiences


Here’s what some of the participants had to say about Now Hiring!, an intensive career-prep workshop for seniors that was held for the first time last week, the final week of winter break 2013-14.

I thought the program was a great opportunity and definitely one of the most productive things that I have done during my time at Conn. I also enjoyed learning more about personal finances in order to make sure that I will have a smooth transition from college into the working world.

—Martina Rudolf ’14

I would recommend this workshop to any senior interested in increasing their chances of success beyond college. I felt I was able to produce a professional "brand" during this week that will put me ahead of many other young professionals.

— Ian Richter ’14

The program was great! The most important skill that we worked on was our public speaking and interview prep, and I believe everyone saw huge improvement in this area throughout the week.

— Daniel Reardon ’14

Now Hiring! worked, and it worked well. The difference between our elevator speeches on Tuesday and our hour-long group presentations on Friday was astounding!

— Casey Dillon ’14

I found the program highly stimulating and motivating. It allowed me not only to learn some practical business skills but to also open up and answer the big "Who am I?" question.

— Yumi Kovic ’14