Arrival Day for new students in the Fall  

Orientation for new students begins on Arrival Day. 

In a typical fall Orientation, you and your student will spend an average day at the College by touring the campus, meet informally with faculty, attend mini-classes and workshops, and see College facilities. Staff from Information Services will be on hand at the IT Service Desk in Shain Library to answer questions about connecting to the campus network, using email and ordering personal computers.

Parents take part in programs on various aspects of the academic program and student life while students get acquainted with their roommates, housemates and student leaders in their residential halls.

There is a President’s Assembly in the afternoon, followed by a reception for parents and students. Afterward, parents say their goodbyes and students head off to start Orientation.

Spring semester Orientation for first-year students and transfers

First-year and transfer students entering the College at mid-year have their own special orientation program. The sessions are designed to acquaint you fully with the College and to help your student matriculate quickly and easily. 

Optional fall pre-Orientation programs for first-year students

We offer two optional pre-orientation programs in the fall: Genesis and Odyssey.

Genesis and Odyssey also have a parent component. It is important that parents who participate in these programs stay for the activities on Arrival Day. Here is information about local hotel and lodging accommodations for families. More information on these programs is sent to students during the summer.


The Genesis Program is designed to acclimate first generation and first-year students of color to the campus experience at Connecticut College. Prior to the start of Orientation, Genesis participants will meet their peer mentors and engage in a series of activities and team building exercises. During the program, participants will be introduced to various campus resources that will support their successful transition to Connecticut College. Also, participants will be provided with tools to start them on the path to academic success. Participants that desire a peer mentor will be admitted into a peer mentor program.

Parents/guardians and families are welcome to participate in the morning sessions and the Genesis luncheon. Information about area accommodations and viable travel options will be included in the Orientation packet.

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Odyssey, for international students

Odyssey helps first-year international students and their families become familiar with the campus and with each other prior to the arrival of the rest of the first-year students. Participation in the program is voluntary but encouraged. For more information, contact the program's international student adviser, Carmela Patton,, 860-439-2050.