Student Sustainability Involvement and Resources

Students are active leaders in a broad range of sustainability initiatives, clubs, organizations and projects on campus and in the local community. Connecticut College has a strong tradition of providing support for student initiatives and providing many ways for students to get involved.

Students are active leaders through their work with the College's Office of Sustainability, located at the newly renovated Steel House in South Campus. Some recent achievements include:

  • Students helped the College launch a composting program to reduce food waste, generate compost for the Sprout organic garden and to reduce the costs associated with disposing food waste.
  • Students advocated for a solar panel system that has been installed at the College's boathouse and meets all of the facility's power needs.
  • Students led an initiative to relocate and expand the College's Sprout organic garden to a larger and more central space on campus.

Contact Information:




Josh Stoffel
Manager of Sustainability