Student Programs

Some of the most successful sustainability programs at Connecticut College are those that are facilitated by students and actively supported by staff and faculty. Both the Sustainability Representatives (Sustainability Reps) Program and the Composting Program were established in spring 2012, based on previous efforts by students on campus. Now, with strong collaborations between students and staff, these programs have structures and missions that will help sustain them over time.

Sustainability Representatives

The Sustainability Reps Program was created for students interested in learning more about sustainability who might not have been very involved with sustainability efforts before coming to Connecticut College. Students involved in the Sustainability Reps Program learn about how current challenges facing our global community have environmental, societal and economic impacts and how to interact with their peers about these challenges.

Composting Program

For students interested in getting their hands dirty in the name of sustainability, the Composting Program is the place for you! The Composting Program was established to collect food scraps that are generated on campus and process them into nutrient-rich compost in our two Earth Tubs. All of the compost created on campus is used in the Sprout Organic Garden or provided to staff and faculty for their personal gardens.

Contact Information:




Josh Stoffel
Manager of Sustainability