In fall 2007, Connecticut College students decided that they wanted to reduce the amount of food scraps being disposed by the dining halls. To support this vision, the students developed a composting plan and entered the Ecomagination Challenge, a nationwide competition sponsored by GE and MTV-U that challenged college students to develop new, creative ways to promote sustainability on college campuses.

More than 100 colleges and universities submitted proposals, and Connecticut College finished in the top 10. Though our students did not win the challenge, an alumnus, inspired by the students' motivation, generously donated $25,000 to their effort. This donation funded the purchase of the two Earth Tubs that have since made composting at Connecticut College a reality. In the spring of 2011, the College community came together to establish a formal composting program that would allow for food scraps to be consistently collected and composted on campus. With the establishment of the composting program, the Earth Tubs are now in consistent use.