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Welcome to the Connecticut College Office of Sustainability blog!

July 9, 2014  |  Sust Blog, Josh Stoffel

Hi everyone and welcome to the Connecticut College Office of Sustainability blog!

Established in the fall of 2013, the Office of Sustainability is co-directed by Josh Stoffel and Professor Chad Jones and is charged with actively involving students in sustainability projects both on and off campus. The office defines “sustainability” as balancing the need and value of social equity, environmental stewardship and economic well-being at local and global scales. The primary way students get involved with such efforts is through the Sustainability Fellows Program, which engages students in the research, planning, implementation, and analysis of projects relating to specific areas of sustainability. The College’s student-run Sprout Garden also offers students the opportunity to engage hands-on in gardening and sustainable agriculture. The Office of Sustainability’s mission is to advance the understanding and application of holistic sustainability through curricular integration and operational innovations. By making the College a model of sustainability, the office reinforces the College’s mission to prepare students to act as citizens of a global society.

The Office of Sustainability blog works to provide you with a comprehensive understanding about what the College is doing to advance sustainability on campus and within the local community. The blog will also provide you with a student’s perceptive on how they are involved with sustainability efforts at the College and how they are integrating their experiences with the Office of Sustainability into their academic career.

By following the Office of Sustainability’s blog, you will learn all about:
• Connecticut College’s latest sustainability projects;
• Information about and invitations to a wide range of sustainability events taking place around campus and throughout the local community;
• Personal stories and thoughts written by both current and former Sustainability Fellows, sharing their experience inside and outside the office;
• Our student-run Sprout Garden: how to get involved and what is currently growing;
• Volunteer opportunities that support sustainability efforts both on and off campus;
• Interesting and relevant articles about local and global challenges related to sustainability.

Be sure to also follow us on Twitter (@ccsustainable), Facebook ( and Instagram (ccsustainable)!

We look forward to seeing and working with you on sustainability projects throughout the year!

Josh Stoffel and Dr. Chad Jones
Co-Directors, Office of Sustainability

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