Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Steering Committee (SSC) fosters a culture of sustainability at Connecticut College through planning and managing the integration of sustainability on campus. The SSC strives to incorporate sustainability throughout the College’s instruction, administration, management, policies, operations, long-term strategic planning and outreach to the community.

The SSC members are comprised of senior administrators, faculty, staff and students who work collaboratively to enhance a holistic vision of sustainability across campus. Most recently, the committee completed a Sustainability Strategic Plan for the College that is rooted in the College's history and institutional values and provides a roadmap for a continued commitment to sustainability well into the future.

Sustainability Steering Committee Members

Chair: Dean of the Faculty Roger Brooks

Vice President for College Relations: Patricia Carey

Vice President for Administration (or designee): Peter Horgan (designee)

Manager of Sustainability: Josh Stoffel

Director of the Goodwin-Niering Center for the Environment: Doug Thompson

Environmental Model Committee Chair: Chad Jones

Director of the Arboretum: Glenn Dreyer

Sustainability Reps Coordinator: Charlotte McAuley '14

SGA Chair of Environmental Affairs: Sarah Huckins '14


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Josh Stoffel
Manager of Sustainability