Glenn DreyerGlenn D. Dreyer, Charles and Sarah P. Becker ’27 Arboretum Director

The director oversees all department functions including planning, land management, public education, collection curation, research, and fund raising. Mr. Dreyer reports to the Provost/Dean of the Faculty, and works closely with faculty and students to facilitate the use of the Arboretum as an academic resource.

Glenn Dreyer began working for the Arboretum in a landscape maintenance capacity while still a graduate student in 1982. The next year he became Assistant Arboretum Director under William A. Niering. In 1988, he was appointed to the position of Arboretum Director. Mr. Dreyer is also an adjunct professor of botany and the executive director of the Goodwin-Niering Center for the Environment. His professional and research interests are at the interface between ecology and horticulture, and he conducts research in vegetation management, invasive plants, plant community ecology and urban forestry. He is the author of the books: Connecticut’s Notable Trees and Greening Connecticut’s Cities and Towns: Managing Public Trees and Community Forests, in addition to many professional and popular articles.

Kathy T. Dame, Arboretum staffKathy T. Dame, Assistant Director

Kathy joined the Arboretum staff in 1993, and now serves as Assistant Director of the Arboretum. In this capacity, she is responsible for all aspects of Public Education and Community Outreach. Her responsibilities also include public relations and managing the volunteer program.

Kathy is a member of NLEEC (New London Environmental Education Committee); serves on the Board of Directors for COEEA (Connecticut Outdoor Environmental Education Association); and serves on the National Board of Directors for Wild Ones - Native Plants, Natural Landscape and is Advisor for the local chapter of Wild Ones. She received her B.A. from Connecticut College.

Her interests include writing, reading, storytelling and knitting. Her greatest sources of joy are her children (Brad, Ted, and Mitzi) and her grandchildren (Luke, Jessica, Logan and Phoenix).

Mary Villa, Arboretum staff
Mary Villa, Curator/Information Resources Manager

Mary joined the Arboretum staff in July 2004 in the new position of Curator/Information Resource Manager. Her duties include conducting inventories, evaluating plants and keeping maps and plant records up-to-date. She also manages the accessions database and the Arboretum library of books, periodicals, plans and images.

Mary received a B.S. from the University of Connecticut with a major in landscape architecture. Her prior work experience includes landscape design and municipal planning. Mary's interests include travel and visiting arboreta and botanical gardens.

Leigh S. Knuttel, Arboretum staff
Leigh S. Knuttel, Horticulturist

Leigh joined the Arboretum staff as the Horticulturist in 2008, and is responsible for the day-to-day operations and maintenance of the Arboretum and the Greenhouse. She also works with the botany department faculty and supervises the horticultural staff and student workers.Leigh attended Connecticut College with a major in botany and brings 30 years of experience in the field of horticulture to this position. Her past work includes growing of specialty annuals, perennials, and woody ornamental plants, and more recently, grounds and garden design and maintenance and garden writing have been areas of primary focus.

During her spare time, Leigh does community volunteer work. She also enjoys reading and going on sailing adventures with her family.


Bryan Goulet, Arboretum staffBryan Goulet – Senior Groundsperson

Bryan Goulet joined the Arboretum staff in March, 2005 as an Arboretum groundsperson, transferring from the Physical Plant Department of the College where he had worked since 1999. He received his degree in Arboriculture from the University of Massachusetts in 1981, bringing with him a valuable background in tree care.

Bryan and his wife Christie enjoy motorcycling, traveling and hiking. He has one grown daughter, Chelsea.

Kraig Clark


Jim Luce, Arboretum staffJim Luce, Grounds Supervisor

A valued associate of the Arboretum, Mr. Luce is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the campus landscape. His focus is on creating and maintaining both an aesthetically pleasing and environmentally sound landscape. His concerns include sustaining a high level of variety among the plantings on campus, using methods which require low maintenance and replacing aging plantings. Jim also provides training in botany and ecology to his staff, and volunteers his time to teach public education programs for the Arboretum each semester.

Contact Information:
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