Coast Leucothoe

Coast Leucothoe, Leucothoe axillaris, is a native, broad-leaved evergreen shrub that provides color in the winter landscape with the rosy-red flower buds and leaf petioles, playing off the lustrous dark green leaves.

Leucothoe Flowers

White, urn-shaped flowers appear in April and May, borne in long axillary racemes. 

Leucothoe in the Landscape

Leucothoe can be used as a facer plant to hide leggy plants, a nice cover for a shady bank, and in the mixed border. A small to medium-sized shrub with graceful arching branches,  Leucothoe will reward you with year-round beauty if you provide acid soil, partial to full shade and adequate soil moisture. ‌

Size: 2-4' high, 3-5' wide

Hardiness: zone 5-8

Growth rate: slow to medium