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The Experience, Mark McPhillips '20

Hometown: Hoboken, New Jersey
Majors: Theater
Activities: Twelfth Night (faculty production) and ski club‌

Favorite aspect of Connecticut College:
In all honesty, the Honor Code. I had not really understood the magnitude and great effect this policy had on the Conn community until I got here. It creates an environment where the students and teachers genuinely respect each others’ time, space and materials. It has made me feel more safe and welcome in this already tightknit community. I think every college should strive to have as good an honor code as this one.

Favorite memory at Connecticut College:
I’ve already had so many great memories here. However, I distinctly remember having a blast while studying for my first Italian test. My two friends and I stayed in Shain Library until the alarm rang. Being the last ones in the library and we were practically forced to leave at 2 A.M.  We ended up doing really well on the test and we plan on making a tradition out of this cram-session.

Favorite activity in New London or the region:
Taking walks in the arboretum. It is really peaceful and nice over there, so spending time there with some friends is pretty great.

Wild, Wild World

- The Experience, Mark McPhillips '20 

Back in November, my mom gave me two concert tickets for my birthday. My favorite band, Bastille, was going on their “Wild, Wild World” tour and they happened to be playing at Mohegan Sun Casino, which is a 20-minute drive from campus. It was the perfect opportunity for me and my friend, fellow blogger Dani Maney, to get off campus and venture to this place in Uncasville, Connecticut.

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Setting a Different Course

- The Experience, Mark McPhillips '20 

One of the most magical parts of college is the ability to make your own decisions for most, if not all, things related to yourself. I enrolled in five classes this semester: Elementary Italian, Acting 1, my First-Year Seminar, Twelfth Night (a Theater Department performance that I am receiving four credits for) and Calc B: Derivatives/Integrals.

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Prepping for Careers

- The Experience, Mark McPhillips '20 

Most incoming first-year students are excited about the idea of new classes, new friends and new experiences. One of the last things on their mind is the process surrounding a prospective internship or (yikes) a job down the line. Finding a job was the last thing on my mind too but, luckily for first-year students at Conn, the College begins the process for us right away.

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My Meeting with a Lawyer

- The Experience, Mark McPhillips '20 

Since the fourth grade, I have wanted to pursue a career in either the performing arts or the entertainment industry. However, I also felt that I should have a backup plan for this notoriously rocky career path. I always liked the idea of being a lawyer because being in a courtroom excites me. I decided to reach out to my mom’s lawyer friend, Mitch, over winter break to gain a new perspective on what it takes to practice law. 

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My First Snow Day

- The Experience, Mark McPhillips '20 

In my entire four years of high school at Grace Church School in New York, I only experienced one snow day. Our headmaster felt that if he could make it out of his driveway, so could everyone else. So, naturally, when everyone at Conn was talking about a possible snow day on Thursday, I was among those who thought it too good to be true. By nightfall on Wednesday evening, I began to come around to this seemingly impossible event. I was leaving the library when a friend told me there was a snow day tomorrow—it just hadn’t been announced yet.

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My Econ Experience

- The Experience, Mark McPhillips '20 

Typically, students who are keen on majoring in theatre and have an interest in minoring in film studies don’t leap at the prospect of studying economics. But when said student happens to join an econ course by accident, they may have their preconceived notions about the subject turned on their head.

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Conn in the Fall

- The Experience, Mark McPhillips '20 

Tempel Green is never more crowded than #CCFallWeekend. Connecticut College’s Fall Weekend, otherwise known as “Parents’ Weekend”, is one of the most exciting times of the school year for students, faculty and parents alike. My mom drove down for the event and we spent some time cheering on the men’s soccer team, watching the faculty-directed production of “Hedda Gabler,” and strolling around Harvestfest.

The mens’ soccer team played Tufts on Tempel Green:

Conn in the Fall blog post by Mark Phillips

The Theater Department staged an adaption of Henrik Ibsen’s “Hedda Gabler”:

Conn in the fall blog post photo 2 by Mark McPhillips

That’s me reppin’ my new Connecticut College sweatshirt at Harvestfest:

Conn in the fall photo 4 blog post by Mark McPhillips

Even President Katherine Bergeron and her husband, Butch Rovan, came out for Harvestfest:

Blog pic Blog post by Mark McPhillips

Conn’s transformation underneath the blanket of fall:

Blog post photo blog post photo

(pics from Julia Neumann, ‘20)


Fall Weekend proves to be a highlight of the season. It was awesome to see my mom for a few days before being left to my independence once again. I was sad to see her go, but excited to get back into the swing of things come Monday! For more pictures from the weekend visit: (

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