The 11th Biennial Symposium on Arts and Technology

FEB 28 – MARCH 1, 2008


General Information

Symposium 2008

The Ammerman Center for Arts and Technology is pleased to announce the call for The 11th Biennial Arts and Technology Symposium at Connecticut College. The symposium willl be held February 28 through March 1, 2008. We will update the site as information becomes available during our planning and organization.

Keynote Speaker: Lisa Nakamura, Associate Professor of Speech Communications and Asian American Studies at the University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign. She is the author of Cybertypes: Race, Ethnicity, and Identity on the Internet (Routledge, 2002) and a co-editor of Race in Cyberspace (Routledge, 2000). She has published articles on race and the new media in The Iowa Journal of Cultural Studies, Women's Review of Books, Unspun: Key Terms for the World Wide Web, The Cybercultures Reader, Reload: Rethinking Women and Cyberculture, Domain Errors! Cyberfeminist Practices, and the Visual Culture Reader 2.0. Professor Nakamura is an Illinois Program for Research in the Humanities (IPRH) Fellow for the 2007-2008 academic year. The keynote speech is co-sponsored by the Center for Comparative Study of Race and Ethnicity (CCSRE) at Connecticut College.

The 2008 New Creativity Grant Project, sponsored by the Ammerman Center, engages middle and high school students from New London County in identifying the ways in which common technologies can be used to enhance their personal sense of creative and artistic expression. Through the grant, 26 teachers from 17 different schools in SE CT attended technology workshops at Connecticut College and received equipment and software for their schools. Teachers work with their own students to create 30-60 second video compilations of audio and video clips, still images and cell phone recordings based on common themes of interest to middle and high school students. The videos are posted on a Connecticut College hosted wiki site dedicated to this project. Teachers received cell phones, iPods, microphones, video and still cameras, and PC or MAC-based editing software, which will become the property of the schools at the completion of the grant. Teachers and their students will attend the 11th Biennial Symposium, will meet the commissioned artists, and will attend openings, lectures, exhibits, and the multi-media performances.

The 11th Biennial Symposium and the New Creativity Grant are sponsored by the Chester W. Kitchings Foundation and Citizens Bank, USA.

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