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Thursday – tape concert, 3:30

Hubert Howe – “19 Tone Clusters”
Arthur Kreiger – “Electronic Study In Memoriam: Vladimir Ussachevsky”  
Matthew Rolin – “Jabberwocky”
Charles Bestor – “Into the Labyrinth”
Jon Anderson – “Dash.em”

Thursday – 8 pm

Joseph Klein  - “Cornell Set” (electronics, narration)
Travis Garrison  - “Mutations I” (clarinet, bassoon, piano, electronics)
Dan Van Hassel  - ‘fzzl” (snare drum, electronics)
Chapman Welch, Carmen Montoya – “Rara Avis”  (piano, electronics, video) *

Christopher Biggs   - “The BFG for Toy Piano” (toy piano, electronics)
Lisa Race, Shawn Hove – “Folded”  (dance video)
Miguel Chuaqui  - “Saturniana” (bass trombone, electronics)
Elziabeth Shea – “Between the Sun and the Moon” (dance, electronics, video)

Friday 8 pm

Thomas Ciufo – “Point / Line / Shape” (extended guitar, electronics)
Lawrence Moore – “Angel Wing” (video, electronics)
Anthony Cornicello  - “Waves” (piano, electronics)
Mikel Kuehn – “Lilac Shrieks… and Scarlet Bellowings” (electronics, video)
Arthur Kreiger  - “Rainsticks” (vibraphone, electronics)

Michael Rothkopf – “Lyric for Cello and Piano” (cello, electronics)
Chin Ting Chan  - “Katachi II” (violin, electronics)
Phillip Gulley, Akio Mokuno – “Ourselves Talk” (electronics, video, narration)*
(explicit sexual content)

Saturday  4:30 pm

Adam Wilson, William Brent – “Cross- Talk” (prepared piano, electronics, infrared sensors)*
Per Bloland  - “Of Dust and Sand” (prepared piano, alto sax, electronics)
Mark Zaki – “Windows” (video, electronics)
Christopher Jette   - “In Vitro Oink” (piano, electronics)
Jon Markson – “Meaning in a Word” (live electronics, percussion, marimba, bass and electric guitar)

Wendy Jehlen, Huang Zhe, Shanfan Huang – “Lilith” (electronics, video, Kinect) *
Steve Ricks – “Medusa in Fragments” – (piano, electronics, video)

* New Works Commissioned by the Ammerman Center for the 2012 Arts and Technology Symposium



Ammerman Center for Arts and Technology, 270 Mohegan Avenue, Box 5365,
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