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Thursday, February 27

4:30 pm
Symposium Reception & Video Screening
(Cummings Art Galleries)
Alan Bogana (Instituto Svizzero Roma), "Diamond Mountain Emerge"
Alejandro Borsani (University of North Texas), "The Origin of Clouds"
Alexander Dupuis (Independent), "That Which Pulls"
Marco Ferrari (University of Chicago), "Velodrome"
Brian House (Brown University), "Joyride"
Ivar Veermäe (Independent), "Formation of Clouds"
Jenny Vogel (UMass- Amherst), "Alles Muss In Flammen Stehen (Everything Must Be In Flames)"

8 pm
Multimedia Concert (Evans Hall)
“Camouflage” (piano, live elec), Dan VanHassell (UC Berkeley)
“bluebird” (fixed media), Elaine Frost (CC ’14)
“seed.signal” (piano, elec. sound), Robert Seaback (Univ. of Florida)
“Milos” (fixed media), Daniil Feoktistov (CC ’14)
“Not Not 0.1” (dance, Kinect, video), Catherine Siller (MA)
“Peregrination” (fixed media), Marshall Jones (Florida State)
“no one can hear you dream” (voice, violin, video, live elec), Mark Zaki (Rutgers)
“Some Writings of Spring” (fixed media), Julius Bucsis (NJ)
“Four Directions Home” (live cinema, sound, music),
David Stout, Cory Metcalf (Noisefold)

Friday, February 28

5 pm
Hygienic Galleries Exhibition, 79 Bank Street, New London, CT 06320
Jason Bernagozzi (Alfred State College), "Citystream"
Christie Blizard (University of Texas- San Antonio), "Walks"
Lynn Cazabon and Neal McDonald (University of Maryland), "Junkspace"
Marco Ferrari (University of Chicago), "Velodrome"
Sanglim Han (Independent), "Primal Nest"
Alex M. Lee (Clarkson University), “The Frequency of Space/Time” and “An Alternative Framework”
Joanna Moll (Independent), "AZ: MOVE AND GET SHOT"
Eto Otitigbe (Polymedia Artist), "Becoming Visible: Looking Out, Looking Up, Eyes on Me"
SoA Experimental Lab (George Mason University), "Industrial Opus"
Jan Tichy (The School of the Art Institute of Chicago), "Project Cabrini Green"
Paul Turano (Emerson College), "Repurposed Web Reports: Toxic Red Sludge"

(Vans available between 4:30 – 7:30 pm, from Cummings
to Bank Street)

8 pm
Multimedia Concert (Evans Hall)
“Sloth” (violin, live elec, video), Adam Lenz (U. Hartford)
“Electronic Miniature” (Fixed media), Arthur Kreiger (CC)
“tempora mutantur”( clarinet in B–flat, live elec), Chin ting Chan (U. Missouri)
“Angry Young Men” (fixed media), Thomas Beverly (Bowling Green)
“Sonic Constructions” (interactive elec), Thomas Ciufo (Towson),
Curtis Bahn (Rensselaer)
“Greed” (amplified violin, fixed media audio, video),
Christopher Biggs (W. Michigan Univ)
“Pressure” (fixed media), Cody Brookshire (Univ. of Georgia)
“Casting” (Kinect, live elec, video), Jon Bellona (Univ. of Virginia)
“#chronicled” (live elec, video, sound) Keith Kirchoff (MA),
Christopher Jette (U. of Arizona)

Saturday, March 1

12:15 - 1:15 pm (EVANS HALL)
Performance by the Global Net Orchestra
Developed by Roger Dannenberg and Tom Neuendorffer (Carnegie Mellon University)
The Global Net Orchestra is a project that links performers all around the world, allowing them to perform live music together. This performance will consist of 100+ musicians and is believed to be the largest network performance ever attempted.

8 pm
Multimedia Concert (Evans Hall)
“Galatea Reset” (robot, soprano, video), Maurice Wright (Temple)
“selectric.metal” (fixed media), Travis Garrison (E. Carolina Univ.)
“Electrobot” (midi keyboards, video) Andrea Mazzariello (Princeton)
“of the survival of images” (custom GLOBE controller, video, sound),
Butch Rovan (Brown)
“Emergence” (fixed media), Hubert Howe (Queens College)
“Trance” (cello, live elec), Miguel Chuaqui (Univ. of Utah)
“Curtain of Ruins” (fixed media), Leandra Lambert,
Alexandre Mandarino (Univ. Rio de Janiero)
“Biomediation” (Augmented meditation, audio, visual),
Yago De Quay, Joao Beira (Univ. of Texas)

(Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Laurie Anderson performance has been cancelled,
at the artist's request. Pre-purchased tickets will be refunded)



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