CCSRE Steering Committee


Victor Arcelus, Dean of Student Life
Courtney Baker
, Associate Professor of English
David Canton, Associate Professor of History
Shani Collins-Achille, Assistant Professor of Dance
Nathalie Etoke-Ilda, Assistant Professor of French
Ron Flores, Associate Professor of Sociology
Leo Garofalo, Associate Professor of History, Director of CCSRE
Sandy Grande, Associate Professor of Education
Tracee Reiser, Associate Dean for Community Learning
Ariella Rotramel, Visiting Assistant Professor of Gender and Women's Studies, CCSRE Fellow
Jennifer Rudolph, Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies
Bryana White, Coordinator Multicultural Counseling

Contact Information:
Jennifer Bonnano, Administrative Assistant
Phone: 860-439-2032

Leo J. Garofalo, Director
Phone: 860-439-2098


740 Williams Street
New London, CT 06320