Class of 2014 PICA Scholars


Jenna Adler
Major: Psychology
PICA Interest: Psychology of deafness

Gabrielle Arenge
Major: Psychology
PICA Interest: Art therapy among children and adolescents with PTSD

Hillary Coleman
Majors: Psychology and Hispanic Studies
PICA Interest: Language barriers of Latino elementary school students

Gabrielle Dann-Allel
Majors: Sociology and Government
PICA Interest: Anti-Poverty policies

Haley Dumke
Major: Biological Sciences
PICA Interest: Health care and public policy in Nambia

Katharine Evans
Major: Psychology
Minor: Applied Statistics
PICA Interest: Social work settings

Kaitlin Fung
Majors: Psychology and Art
PICA Interest: Domestic violence

Isabel Hibbard
Major: Latin American Studies
Minors: Gender and Women’s Studies and Art History
PICA Interest: Art oriented groups for Latino youth

Alanna Jamner
Major: International Relations
Minor: Economics
PICA Interest: Microfinance in developing countries

Kelley Kobak
Major: Mathematics
PICA Interest: Child maltreatment of transgendered youth

Liam Lawson
Major: Anthropology
PICA Interest: Positive youth development

Kelsey Munger-Elofson
PICA Interest: Addiction and recovery and families

Julian Perez
Major: Psychology
PICA Interest: Dance therapy

Valentine Phipps-Goldstein
Major: Government
Minor: Human Development
PICA Interest: Access to healthcare

Jannette Rivera
PICA Interest: Resources in suburban school versus urban public school

Allan Rogers
Major: Government
PICA Interest: Restructuring of government

Alia Roth
Major: Government
Minor: Human Development
PICA Interest: Education policy

Laura Simmons-Stern
Major: Environmental Studies
PICA Interest: Environmental sustainability

Anthony Sis
Major: International Relations
PICA Interest: HIV and AIDS awareness and education

Blair Southworth
Major: Environmental Studies
PICA Interest: Environmental policy and its impact on global warming

Carolyn Sundstrom
Major: Sociology
PICA Interest: Ties between Connecticut College and York Prison

Amber Villanueva
Major: English
PICA Interest: Stigma of HIV/AIDS

Anna Volpe
Major: Psychology-Based Human Relations
PICA Interest: Mental health care

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