Certificate Program Paid Internships

A student during their internship for the Goodwin-Niering Center.

An important component of the Certificate Program in Environmental Studies is a summer internship or research project. The purpose of the internship is to engage students in a work environment that they might not otherwise encounter as an undergraduate. It is expected that students will be offered access to stimulating ideas and people in their field of study and be given substantive, meaningful work to do that will assist them in achieving their goals.  Internship experiences positively impact students’ intellectual, professional and personal development.

A student during their internship for the Goodwin-Niering Center.

Students prepare for the internship by completing a customized program of academic courses. The internship or research experience builds students’ knowledge and skills, serving to inform the senior integrative project to which it is meant to be connected.

A student during their internship for the Goodwin-Niering Center.

The Center assists students in finding an internship or research project in the summer following their junior year. A $3,000 stipend is provided for the eight-week full-time position. To qualify for the funded internship, all Certificate Program students must complete the mandatory sophomore and junior sessions offered by CELS, and must maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA.  Students complete an internship learning agreement for approval by the Center prior to leaving for the summer.  On their return in the fall, students complete a sponsor evaluation, internship questionnaire and reflection paper.

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