Class of 2015 Certificate Students

Members of the Goodwin-Niering Center for the Environment Class of 2015.
Class of 2015
Back row, l-r: Conor Quilty, Jeanette Hoets, Mara Lookabaugh, Lisa Paulsen and Anna Curtis-Heald
Front row, l-r: Micaela Tepler, Azul Tellez, Alexandra Iezzi, Margot Wilsterman and Maeve Kidney
Not pictured
: Kristina Satterlee

Juniors continue to participate in the Certificate Seminar ES 395. Designed to help prepare students for their internships and senior integrative projects, the seminar provides juniors an opportunity to present their proposals to students and faculty. It also offers in-depth discussion of current environmental issues with invited speakers, and the opportunity to share information among students with diverse backgrounds.

Juniors take the additional courses that they have selected to prepare for their internships and projects. Many students study away for one semester so they are encouraged to select a location with courses that will augment their program of studies in the Center. Finally, they submit their internship learning agreements for approval, and prepare to leave for their summer work with a variety of organizations in different states and abroad.

Anna Curtis-Heald
Major: Environmental Studies
Environmental Interest: Environmental education and communication related to art

Jeannette Hoets
Majors: French and Government
Environmental Interest: Relationship between local action and international change with emphasis on C40 cities

Alexandra Iezzi
Major: Geophysics (self-designed)
Environmental Interest: To investigate the environmental impacts of volcanoes

Maeve Kidney
Major: Sociology
Environmental Interest: Local vs. western world perspectives on human-wildlife interactions, explored through photography and journalism

Mara Lookabaugh
Major: Architectural Studies
Environmental Interest: How the U.S. can reach a balance in environmental priorities and economic concerns related to sustainable architecture

Lisa Paulsen
Major: Environmental Chemistry
Environmental Interest: The synergistic effects of consumer products, especially personal care products on water systems

Conor Quilty
Majors: Botany and English
Environmental Interests: Viticulture and the viability and sustainability of the land through multiple reuses and new land use practices

Azul Tellez
Major: Environmental Studies
Environmental Interest: Analyses of food deserts in New York with examination of culturally relative solutions such as urban gardens

Micaela Tepler
Majors: Environmental Studies and Music
Environmental Interest: Environmental injustice; changing musical expressions as a result of disaster in Louisiana

Margot Wilsterman
Major: Biology
Environmental Interest: By-catch reduction through research on marine organisms, fishery equipment modification and fisheries policy


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