Q: How and when do I get my Connecticut College email address?

Once you place your deposit with Connecticut College, you will receive an email to your personal email account with instructions about how to set up your Connecticut College email address.

Once you have activated your College email account, we will use it to send you important information and updates throughout the summer. Please check that email address at least weekly; starting in early June, we will send updates and information only to the Connecticut College email address only.

If you don’t activate and check your Connecticut College email, you will miss important information. If you are having trouble setting up your email and Conn college account, contact the IT Service Desk at 860-439-4357 or HELP@conncoll.edu.

Q: What kinds of mailings, forms and correspondence should I expect, especially with due dates?

A. In mid-June, domestic students will receive a mailing with our Summer Reading. International students will received these materials digitally by email. All other forms that must be completed can be accessed online in the Checklist of the Camel Experience.;

Q: When does Orientation begin?

New students will have a phased arrival to campus before classes start on Sept. 1, 2020. Final arrival days and times and the move-in process will be announced in late June.

Students who will be participating in one of the optional pre-Orientation programs, Genesis or Odyssey, will have an earlier arrival date. This date and the move-in process will be announced in late June.

Q: What can you tell me about my room?

We've tried to anticipate all your questions about your room. You'll find answers in the Residential Life "For new students" section.

Q: How do I sign up for the meal plan?

A. You're automatically signed up for the meal plan as a matriculated student. The plan consists of three meals per day, Monday through Saturday, and brunch on Sunday. In addition to the dining halls on campus, there is a snack shop in "Cro," the College Center at Crozier-Williams. 

Students may use their student ID, the Camel Card, for purchases at the Oasis Snack Shop until the Dining Dollars allotted at the beginning of the each semester is depleted. ($45 per semester for a full meal plan). Once the Dining Dollars account is depleted, students may use their Camel Cash account at the Oasis Snack Shop and all dining halls. Unused Dining Dollar amounts on the student's account in the fall semester may carry over to the spring semester. However, please keep in mind that any balance remaining at the end of the spring semester does not carry over to the fall and is lost if not used.

Please see the Camel Card website for details about Camel Cash and how to add money to a Camel Cash account. 

Q: How do I pay for my laundry?

It's free! Washers and dryers are provided in each residence hall. Laundry service is a free-start model and it will not be required to swipe a CamelCard or utilize coins to use the laundry machines. Residents can monitor laundry machine usage by using LaundryConnect, a laundry machine monitoring system, by visiting laundrytrackerconnect.com and entering the passcode Camels.

Q: How much money will I need for books and supplies?

A. Books can cost up to $600 per semester, depending on the classes you sign up for. Textbooks in the sciences and for languages tend to cost more and may increase your overall costs. If possible, you should also plan to have some spending money for personal supplies (shampoo, etc.) and activities (movies, pizza delivery, etc.)

Q: Where do I get a bank account?

For students' convenience, an ATM is located in the College Center ("Cro") next to the Bookshop. It is served by Citizens Bank, which also has a branch in New London.

Students who don't already have bank accounts can set one up at any bank of their choosing. A few area banks will be on campus on arrival day for that purpose.

All student employees are required to enroll for direct deposit with a bank to receive their paychecks. The College will directly deposit an employee's paycheck into any U.S. bank; it doesn't have to be a bank that is local to the College.

Q: Are there computers on campus for student use? Should I bring my own computer?

A. Around exam periods, open access workstations tend to get very crowded. For this reason, as well as for convenience, we strongly encourage you to arrive on campus with a computer. Whether your computer is a laptop or a desktop, you can use network resources from your room. With a laptop, you can also access the network from the library, laboratories and classrooms, and via wireless access points around campus.

The campus supports both Apple and Windows computers. Faculty, staff and students are eligible to purchase computers at special educational pricing through Dell and Apple. These purchases are made directly through the vendor. The College does not profit from this arrangement, which offers substantial discounts on select models of Dell and Apple computers. In addition, by choosing one of these models, you're more likely to find support staff on campus who are familiar with your machine.

Q: How do I get my student ID?

A. IDs, that is, your Camel Card, will be distributed on your Arrival Day.

Once you have received your Connecticut College user ID and email account, please upload a photo to the "My Photo" section of the Checklist in the Camel Experience platform.

Q: How should I send things to the College before my arrival on campus?

A. Send by U. S. Post Office parcel post, FedEx or UPS. Parcels can be picked up from the campus post office on your Arrival Day. Information about your campus mailbox and combination will be sent to you over the summer.

Please use the following address:

Student Name
Class Year
Connecticut College
Box Number
270 Mohegan Avenue
New London, CT 06320

The Campus Post office, located in the first floor of Cro, will be open on Arrival Days between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m., so that you may pick up any packages sent previously to the College. Staff will be available to answer questions you may have about mail services.

Q: Can I bring a car to campus?

A. First-year students are not allowed to have cars on campus.* You may find that you don’t need a car at Connecticut College. There are numerous transportation alternatives, including Zipcar, the Camel Van shuttle, SEAT (the local city bus) and several taxi services. Many students also use bicycles to get around campus and off.

* This policy is being reconsidered for the 2020-21 academic year and an announcement will be made by mid-summer.

Q: What is the best way to get from the airport or train station to Connecticut College?

A. Please see the "Getting Here and Getting Around" section of the website for complete travel information by car, train, bus or plane.

Q: What are the local attractions, best restaurants, and lodging in surrounding area?

A. Visit our "Area Hotels and Dining" pages for dining and lodging suggestions. New students will also receive the booklet "Over the Hump," which also includes a list of restaurants, shops and things to do in the New London area.