Q: What is general education?

The term "general education" (GE) refers to a set of distribution requirements determined by the faculty that students fulfill as a way of ensuring both depth and breadth of their educational experience.

Q: What are General Education requirements?

All Connecticut College students must complete one course from each of seven general areas, as well as fulfill a writing requirement and a foreign language requirement. Particulars are listed on the General Education requirements page.

Q: What is the timeline for completing General Education courses?

The bulk of your GE courses should be completed by the end of your sophomore year, but some courses that fulfill GE requirements are upper level courses that you may not be able to take before your junior year. It is, however, unwise to put off until your junior or senior year to fulfill a general education requirement in an area that you find worrisome or particularly challenging.

Q: Should I try to complete all of my general education requirements before I take other courses?

While it is possible to aim for completion of GE requirements within the first two semesters, it is more advisable to choose courses that you find interesting or challenging rather than simply trying to fulfill GE requirements.

Q: Is it possible to waive a general education requirement, such as the foreign language requirement?

Under some circumstances it is possible to waive a requirement; for example, it may be possible to waive the language requirement if your first language is not English and you have received formal education in your native language, or have a documented disability, or have received above a particular score on The College Board Achievement Test in a foreign language. Advanced placement scores in particular fields may satisfy the GE requirement.

If you believe you have reason to ask for a GE modification, check with your adviser, dean, or the director of Student Accessibility Services, as appropriate.