The Global Commons promotes collaborative ties between the Language and Culture Center, the Office of Community Partnerships, Study Away, the Division of Institutional Equity and Inclusion and multiple academic departments and programs to enhance established programs and implement strategic initiatives for the sake of expanding international and global educational opportunities.

Putting the liberal arts into action in ethical and informed ways in the 21st century requires relevant global knowledge, skillsets, and mindsets that students continually hone over the course of their four years — and hopefully in their lives beyond college. The Global Commons supports efforts to leverage technology in the classroom to deepen intercultural perspectives; to delve deeply into new languages so as to gain access to alternative worldviews and distinct ways of knowing and representing reality; to extend learning beyond the classroom through meaningful hands-on involvement in community-based projects, fieldwork, and independent research, both on and off campus; and to fully embrace the residential experience as an opportunity to learn how to live as engaged members of a diverse community of people.

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