Professor Maria Amparo Cruz-Saco of the Economics Department will lead the second SATA program in Lima, Peru, during the Fall 2016 semester. SATA Peru will again be hosted by the Universidad del Pacifico, one of Peru’s premier universities. Peru is a a multilingual and multicultural society with a rich cultural history and a variety of archeological sites. Peru's economy has been booming in recent years and the level of development and political stability are unprecedented.

Housing and Cultural Immersion

SATA Peru is designed to be a culturally-immersive educational experience. Students are housed with Peruvian families, selected by the Universidad del Pacifico, in neighborhoods near the university's campus. Students interact regularly with their Peruvian peers and they are encouraged to participate in a number of extracurricular activities. This includes volunteer work with Universidad del Pacifico partners, as well as attending cultural and sporting events alongside university students. The program also includes group trips to Cuzco and the ruins of Machu Picchu. Students will have additional opportunities to arrange short travels and day trips on their own.


Students enroll in a total of four courses taught by Professor Cruz-Saco and by Universidad del Pacifico faculty. Students are required to take at least one of Professor Cruz-Saco's courses, a Spanish language course (levels vary from begining to advanced) and one to two additional courses offered by the Universidad del Pacifico. Although there is no language requirement to take part in SATA Peru, a basic understanding of Spanish is strongly recommended. Students of all majors are encouraged to apply to this interdisciplinary program.

Professor Cruz-Saco offers two courses that will be taught in English:


    SATA Peru is open to students of all majors and the requirements for Eco 237 and Eco 406 will be made flexible pending permission of the instructor.

Based on the language needs of students accepted into the program, two to three levels of Spanish will be taught by Universidad del Pacifico faculty. These levels may include beginner, intermediate and advanced Spanish (for native Spanish speakers). Students may not repeat any previously completed language coursework.

This course will survey pre-colonial history to the analysis of current issues and will be taught in English by Universidad del Pacifico faculty.

Students who meet the prerequisites and have Spanish language proficiency may enroll in additional courses offered by the Universidad del Pacifico, subject to permission from the Universidad del Pacifico.


As with all SATA programs, student's financial arrangements and obligations, including the comprehensive fee and financial aid, remain the same as if the student were staying at Connecticut College for the semester. The SATA Peru program includes round-trip international travel, room and board in Peru, and all group field trips.

Any questions please contact Professor Cruz-Saco and the Office of Study Away.