Professor Frederick Paxton will direct the fourth SATA program to Perugia, Italy, hosted by The Umbra Institute during the spring semester of 2018.

Perugia is a perfect place to experience the global and the local. It lies at the heart of Italy, with the hills of Tuscany to the west and the Apennine Mountains to the east. Buses and trains connect the city to Rome, Florence, and Bologna, and from there to the rest of the country and beyond. Because it is not a major tourist site, the 100+ students at Umbra are just about the only Americans around, which means you will not just study Italian, but use what you learn, at any level, on a daily basis. 

Housing & Cultural Immersion

Students will live in shared apartments located throughout the city center within walking distance to the Umbra Institute. Students can take advantage of a variety of course-related excursions, extra-curricular activities and optional weekend trips.

Because Perugia was an Etruscan, then Roman, then Christian city, as well as one of the oldest independent communes in Europe and home to one of its oldest universities, it has a rich tradition of government, learning and art. Its Universitá per Stranieri is both the training ground of the professors who will teach you Italian and home to students from around the world. Because it is also the capital of Umbria, Perugia plays a central role in contemporary affairs, local, national and international. The Umbra Institute capitalizes on all of these to connect students with the people, neighborhoods, schools, community organizations and government and social agencies of the city.

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All coursework will be taught in English, except for Italian language courses. Course offerings include Sociology, Psychology, Human Development and Education, along with the more traditional History, Government and Art History. Students can also choose from courses in Photography, Creative Writing, Film, Ceramics and Fresco. Students of all majors are encouraged to apply to this interdisciplinary program.

Professor Paxton will offer two courses:

  • History 232 The Later Middle Ages
  • History 360 Perugia, Etruria and the Deep History of Italy

Students are required to take at least one of Professor Paxton's courses, an Italian language course (levels vary from introductory to advanced), and two or three additional courses for a total of 14-18 credits. 


Similar to Connecticut College's academic schedule, the program will begin in early Janaury and will continue to the end of April. Several orientations will be conducted, in addition to the mandatory pre-departure meeting.

As with all SATA programs, student's financial arrangements and obligations, including the comprehensive fee and financial aid, remain the same as if the student were staying at Connecticut College for the semester. The SATA Perugia program includes round-trip international airfare, room and board in Italy, and all group field trips.

Connecticut College students interested in SATA Perugia should contact Professor Paxton or the Office of Study Away.