Hanoi, Vietnam will once again be the campus for a group of Connecticut College students during the Spring 2017 semester. This will be the 16th SATA program in the city of Hanoi. The host institution will be the Vietnam International Education Development Center (VIED). The program will be led by Rolf Jensen, Professor of Economics and Joseph Alchermes, Associate Professor of Art History and Director of  the Architectural Studies Program.

SATA Vietnam offers students the chance to become immersed in the life of a developing country whose history is intrinsically interesting and at the same time inseparably a part of major currents in world affairs. Colonialism and its aftermath, the Cold War, Confucianism and Communism, war and revolution, globalization: all are manifest in the atmosphere of Hanoi. SATA Vietnam’s academic program takes full advantage of its setting, which will enrich the education of students interested in the arts, history, cultural studies, economics, international relations, Asian studies, environmental studies, and American studies, among others.

Housing & Cultural Immersion

Students live in a foreign-student residence hall in single rooms with private bath, air-conditioning and a refrigerator. Multiple restaurants and cultural attractions of Hanoi are within easy walking distance; the city also has an extensive and inexpensive bus system for ease of travel throughout the metropolitan area.

The program features several short field trips over the course of the semester and a Spring break trip. 


VIED retains a number of English-speaking faculty to offer two courses exclusively for the SATA students:

  • Vietnamese language and culture
  • Vietnamese history. 

Students will also select two 4-credit courses taught by Jensen and Alchermes from the following list:

  • ECO 216 Political Economy of Postwar Vietnam
  • ECO 235 Gender and Development
  • ECO 406 Political Economy Seminar
  • AHI  310 Greek and Roman Archaeology
  • AHI  412 Pilgrimage, East and West

Students from ALL majors are encouraged to apply. 


Students are expected to leave as a group mid-January, shortly before the start of the Spring 2017 semester. While in Hanoi, they will follow an academic calendar similar to that of Connecticut College.

As in all SATA programs, each student's financial arrangements and obligations, including the comprehensive fee and financial aid, are the same as they would be if he or she were staying at Connecticut College for the semester. The SATA Vietnam 2017 program includes round-trip travel, room and board in Vietnam, and all group field trips.

Students interested in SATA Vietnam should contact Professor Jensen, Professor Alchermes or the Office of Study Away